Draw Loc Disabled Archery Equipment

Draw Loc Disabled Archery Equipment – What Is It

Looking for a way to continue archery even though you have weak hands and failing upper body strength? We review the Draw Loc Disabled Archery Equipment that can be of great comfort to you.

Disability affects the body strength of a person, and they have trouble even doing everyday things they used to do before. Disability can leave people immobile and unable to enjoy the sports that they loved doing before.

Archery is one such sport that requires upper body strength, and people with disabilities have trouble enjoying their favorite sport. 

But you would be surprised to know that there are several adaptive archery equipment for a disabled person to enjoy archery. Draw loc is one such equipment. Let us look at what draw loc is and how it aids in archery.

Draw Loc Disabled Archery Equipment - What Is It


What Is Draw Loc?

People with disabilities can have trouble participating in various sports due to having either low or no strength in body muscles. A draw loc is a piece of archery equipment for disabled people. 

As it is clear from the name, a draw loc keeps the draw locked at the maximum without requiring any upper body strength from the archer. It is a piece of disabled archery equipment for compound bows with a draw locking mechanism with self retention. 

The design of this product allows an archer to draw their bow to the maximum and keep it locked in the full draw mode. The draw loc is a complete unit that does not require extra installation. 

Draw Loc Disabled Archery Equipment - What Is It


How Does It Help In Archery?

Archery is a sport in which the archer uses a bow to shoot arrows at the aim. Aim at the target and then shoot the arrow by releasing your hand and pulling the arrow back. 

They have to place the end of the arrow at the string of the bow and pull the arrow with the string as far back as it is possible. Pulling the arrow back is known as a draw, and it requires arm strength to do so. 

An archer with lower or no upper body or arm strength will have trouble drawing the arrow to the maximum. This is where a draw loc comes into the picture. 

The draw loc keeps the bow at the maximum possible draw at all times without requiring any upper body or arm strength. It will keep the bow at a maximum draw until the archer activates the trigger for releasing the arrow. A bow with draw loc functions the same as a crossbow. 

A person using a bow equipped with draw loc will experience the functions of a crossbow on a compound bow. It benefits people with no strength in their arms and upper bodies. 

Draw Loc Disabled Archery Equipment - What Is It


They can take the help of the draw loc to draw the bow by keeping the bow between their legs and arms and using their leg and back muscles to draw their bow. Once the draw is at the maximum, the archer will just have to aim the arrow at the target and activate the trigger to release the draw and shoot the arrow.

A draw loc comes as a complete unit and is easy to install on a bow without the risk of damaging the bow. There is, however, one drawback of using a Draw loc. It adds to the weight of the bow. If an archer has trouble holding the bow, they will have to take an extra load of 24 oz. 

Wrap Up

Thank you for giving your precious time to read this article. Draw loc is a piece of disabled archery equipment meant to aid archers with disability. We have tried to cover every aspect of a draw loc disabled archery equipment. We hope that we have helped you understand what a draw loc is. Do share your thoughts, comments, and questions, if any, in the comment section below. We would be happy to help you out.

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