Three men backcountry skiing with climbing skins in the mountains

The Definitive Guide to Climbing Skins

First, what are ski skins? Ski skins, also called climbing skins, are long pieces of nylon or mohair that attach to the bottom of skis. Once upon a time, they were actually made from seal … Read more

Different kinds of snowshoes

How to Pick the Right Snowshoes

Though many people enjoy hiking during the warmer months, there seems to be a precipitous drop-off as soon as winter arrives. One of the main reasons for that is snow; while it might be easy … Read more

How to find the right winter campsite

Choosing a Winter Campsite

Finding a winter campsite can take some time. Keep in mind that days are shorter in winter, so choosing a campsite ideally should be done early enough so you can find a site and also … Read more

Hiker pulling pulk through snow to winter campsite

Sleds and Toboggans

Sleds and toboggans, commonly thought of recreational toys, were originally for hauling loads across winter landscapes. For thousands of years, sleds have been hauling wood, hides, game, and gear. Pulling a sled may seem like a … Read more

Winter Hiking Boots

Winter boots come in a variety of designs. What you choose will depend on personal preference, type of activity, and trail conditions. If you are hanging around camp or ice fishing, you’ll want boots with … Read more

Snowshoe for beginners

Snowshoe for Beginners

I remember my first time snowshoeing and having the same questions as you, “how do I snowshoe?”, “what size snowshoes do I need?”, “do I need special boots for snowshoeing?” And what I found is … Read more