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Finding the best camera bag is crucial for keeping your gear organized, protected, and accessible on shoots. But with so many bag styles, sizes, and features available, it can be daunting to pick the ideal camera bag for your needs. 

This comprehensive guide will walk you through how to select the perfect camera bag based on your shooting genre, gear, preferred carry style, and other factors.

We’ll review popular camera bag formats from backpacks to slings, shoulder bags to holsters. You’ll learn how to gauge capacity needs, evaluate padding and protection, choose weather-resistant materials, and accessorize for enhanced utility.

Best Camera Bag Full of Camera Equipment  
Best Camera Bag Full of Camera Equipment

Whether you’re a travelling landscape photographer or a wedding photojournalist, we’ll cover how to pick specialized bags to suit your photography. Read on for everything you need to confidently choose the best camera bag for you.

How to Choose the Best Camera Bag

The following are the factors that you should keep in mind while buying a camera bag. You should focus on factors like the storage of the bag, its material, whether it is waterproof or not, and how much it will secure your camera. Look for these features before buying a camera bag.

Key Benefits of Using a Camera Bag

A purpose-built camera bag provides:

  • Padded protection for delicate gear
  • Customizable dividers to secure equipment
  • Specialized pockets and straps for accessories
  • Lockable zippers for security while shooting
  • Weatherproofing to shield from the elements
  • Comfortable carrying during long shoots
  • Organization to find gear quickly when needed
  • Compact storage while navigating by foot or transit

The right bag keeps your equipment safe while bringing convenience to any shoot.

Evaluating Different Camera Bag Styles and Formats


  • The most versatile and popular style
  • Room for extensive gear
  • Spread weight across two shoulders

Messenger/Shoulder Bags

  • Convenient side access to gear
  • Stylish urban aesthetic
  • Allows carrying other bags

Sling Bags

  • Wear across the body for security
  • Rotates to the front for fast access
  • Keep hands free

Holsters/Belt Bags

  • Secure small kits to waist
  • Protects bare essentials
  • Best minimalist option

Hard Cases

  • Rigid shells shield from crushing
  • Waterproof protection
  • Bulkier and less flexible

Consider which format best suits your gear and shooting needs.

Camera Bag with Camera, Lenses, and Accessories
Camera Bag with Camera, Lenses, and Accessories

Choosing the Right Camera Bag Size

When selecting a size:

  • Consider all the gear you need to transport
  • Measure your current kit’s dimensions
  • Allow room for some future gear growth
  • Pick a bag matching your common shooting loads
  • Avoid oversized bags that add unnecessary bulk

The ideal capacity provides snug fitment for your core photography kit.

Assessing Camera Bag Protection and Padding

To evaluate padding:

  • Check thickness – 1-2″ is ideal for most gear
  • Prefer closed-cell foam, which springs back and resists moisture
  • Multi-layered padding prevents hard items from impacting
  • Ifrom interior seam binding stops strap ends fraying and scratching
  • Dense durable exterior fabric protects against abrasion

Robust padding shields cameras, lenses, and accessories from damage.

Selecting Secure Yet Accessible Compartments

Handy compartments and dividers:

  • Safely separate bodies, lenses, lighting, audio
  • Flexible dividers custom-fit compartments to items
  • Zippered panels prevent accidental opening
  • Straps restrain cameras, tripods, and accessories in place
  • Clear plastic pockets to identify small items
  • External side pockets for on-the-go necessities

Keep gear secure yet instantly accessible with smart interiors.

Seeking Out Weatherproof Camera Bag Materials

For protection from the elements, look for the following:

  • Water-repellent coatings like Teflon bead up moisture
  • Seam-sealing with bonded tape prevents interior leaks
  • Rain covers or built-in waterproof barriers shield from downpours
  • Tarpaulin base withstands wet or muddy ground
  • Zip-front opening prevents rain from running into fastened main compartments
  • Quick-drying antimicrobial linings prevent mold or mildew

Weatherproof materials protect gear in unpredictable conditions.

Choosing Camera Carrying Comfort and Convenience

Top features for comfort include:

  • Breathable mesh back panels prevent sweaty backs
  • Thick adjustable shoulder straps avoid digging into shoulders
  • Padded grab handles and haul straps for easy lifting
  • Sternum and waist straps distribute heavy loads
  • Trolley sleeves to attach to rolling luggage
  • Side tripod mounts free hands for carrying
  • Compression straps minimize bulk during transport

Ergonomic designs enhance carefree carrying over long distances.

Finding Camera Bags for Different Photography Genres

Specialized designs meet the unique demands of each genre. Bags suited to popular genres:

  • Landscape Photography – Spacious, rugged backpacks with all-weather protection.
  • Street Photography – Low-profile messenger-style shoulder bags allow discrete shooting.
  • Wedding Photography – Backpacks with silenced zipper compartments for backup bodies.
  • Hiking Photography – Lightweight, anti-sweat backpacks with hiking pole attachments.
  • Adventure Photography – Durable, weatherproof backpacks with a MOLLE-type exterior.
  • Portrait Photography – Compact sling bags provide rapid lens swaps in changing conditions.
  • Sports Photography – Over-the-shoulder body holsters grant fast camera access amid action.

Choosing Camera Bag Features Based on Shooting Needs

Ensure your camera bag has:

Shooting in Crowds

  • Anti-theft features like cut-proof fabric
  • Lockable zippers and locking D-rings
  • Low-profile appearance
  • Rear accessibility while worn

Inclement Weather

  • Seam-sealing and rain covers
  • Waterproof external fabric
  • Drybag-style sealing main compartments
  • Quick-drying linings

Night Photography

  • External pockets for batteries and chargers
  • Light interior fabrics to see the contents
  • Rethe reflective accents for visibility
  • Accessibility in dark conditions

Pick features enhancing convenience based on common scenarios faced.

Camera Bag with Tripod on a Picnic Table
Camera Bag with Tripod on a Picnic Table

Protecting Camera Gear from Impact, Theft, and Weather

Safeguard gear with:

Shock Protection

  • Camera wraps like LensCoats absorb direct blows
  • Snug-fitting interior compartments prevent jostling
  • Padded dividers cushion expensive lenses

Cut/Slash Protection

  • Steel wire mesh hidden in fabric deters cutting
  • Tough abrasion-resistant exterior fabrics

Theft Deterrence

  • Lockable zippers prevent unauthorized access
  • Low-profile discrete appearance
  • Built-in anchor points to secure bag

Moisture Protection

  • Rain covers, storm flaps or full-seam sealing
  • Waterproof exterior fabric like tarpaulin
  • Closed celClosed-cellists absorbing water

Take proactive measures to protect what matters most – your gear.

Best Camera Bag Reviews

Following are the top camera bags with their reviews and their pros and cons. We have reviewed the best camera bags for you, with all their features, that will help you buy the one that will suffice all your needs.

Think Tank Tumstyle 20 V2 Sling Bag Review

The Think Tank Tumstyle 20 V2 provides swift camera access and all-day carrying comfort in a compact sling bag design. Weighing just 0.5 kg, the bag accommodates a DSLR with an attached lens plus a 10-inch tablet in the main compartment.

An integrated stabilizer strap keeps the bag firmly positioned during active movement. The sling design rotates around the torso for quick front access to gear without removing the bag. Adjustable padded dividers allow customizing the main compartment.

A seam-sealed rain cover protects against the elements, while a front organizer pocket stores small accessories. For those seeking an agile sling bag providing fast camera access, the Tumstyle 20 V2 delivers impressive performance in a streamlined package.


  • Rotates around the torso for rapid camera access
  • Integrated The integrated strap prevents shifting
  • Customizable padded main compartment dividers
  • Lightweight at just 0.5 kg


  • Can create shoulder strain when carrying heavy gear

Lowepro ProTactic BP 350 AW II Backpack Review

The Lowepro ProTactic BP 350 AW II backpack provides hardcore performance for professional photographers who need to access their gear instantly. This convertible pack transforms into a sling-style utility belt, allowing rapid equipment access.

The cavernous interior fits pro camera bodies, lenses, drones, and laptops up to 13 inches. Four access points, including side, top, and back openings, enable grabbing gear immediately without removing the bag. An all-weather cover shields the pack from the elements.

Customizable dividers, a tripod cup, and accessory pouches maximize organization. Weighing 2.12 kg, the ProTactic backpack delivers robust protection and instant access for demanding shoots. For professionals seeking an advanced photo backpack, it’s a premier choice.


  • Converts to utility belt for rapid access
  • Four access points to interior gear
  • All-weather protective cover
  • Fits pro camera bodies, drones, laptops


  • More expensive than casual photographer bags

Peak Design Everyday Backpack 20L Review

Providing versatile carrying options and intelligent access, the Peak Design Everyday Backpack lets photographers swiftly adapt to any shooting scenario. Worn as a backpack or sling bag, the patented MagLatch system allows one-handed access to gear.

The 20L main compartment fits pro camera bodies, multiple lenses, and accessories with customizable FlexFold dividers. A dedicated 13” laptop sleeve and multiple internal and external pockets organize essentials. The weatherproof 100% recycled nylon shell protects valuables while side compression straps stabilize loads.

For photographers needing a backpack that effortlessly adapts to their shooting needs, the innovative yet durable Everyday Backpack delivers unmatched versatility.


  • Diverse carrying options such as backpack or sling
  • MagLatch provides one-handed access to gear
  • Protective 13” laptop sleeve
  • Customizable FlexFold dividers


  • More expensive than casual photographer models

Tenba Axis 24L Camera Backpack Review

Combining premium protection with ultra-light portability, the Tenba Axis 24L backpack is a top choice for travel photographers. Weighing just 0.7 kg, the backpack fits 1-2 professional camera bodies, 6-8 lenses, and 17” laptops.

A lay-flat design allows easy access through top, side, or rear entries. Plentiful interior and exterior pockets organize accessories while adjustable dividers cradle gear. An integrated tripod cup and waterproof rain cover add convenience.

Ventilated Airflow padding keeps the user cool, and an adjustable harness customizes the fit. For travelling travellers seeking a feature-packed yet lightweight photography backpack, the Tenba Axis 24L is an outstanding choice.


  • Ultra-light 0.7 kg design
  • Fits pro camera bodies, 8 lenses, 17” laptops
  • Lay-flat access from 3 sides
  • Integrated tripod cup and rain cover


  • More costly than casual photographer models

Vanguard Veo Discover 46 Backpack Review

Offering versatile carrying and access, the Vanguard Veo Discover 46 backpack effortlessly adapts from backpack to sling bag. The unique 2-in-1 strap zips on and off to toggle between left and right sling configurations.

The roomy main compartment fits a DSLR, 3-4 lenses, a flash, and accessories. A 13” laptop sleeve and multiple pockets organize essentials. The lightweight 1.1 kg backpack distributes weight evenly while providing all-weather protection.

For photographers needing a backpack that instantly switches into an accessible sling bag, the Veo Discover 46 delivers the best of both worlds in one lightweight, protective pack.


  • Converts between sling bag and backpack
  • 1.1 kg lightweight design
  • All-weather water-resistant exterior
  • Fits 13” laptop sleeve


  • Only back access when in backpack mode

Manfrotto Prolight Redbee 110 Camera Backpack Review

Manfrotto’s Prolight Redbee 110 backpack provides ample room for extensive photo gear along with urban styling. The main compartment fits two pro camera bodies, multiple lenses, drones, gimbals and accessories.

Both side and top access allow grabbing gear on the move. A 13” padded laptop sleeve and interior dividers keep electronics protected and contents organized. The robust stitching and water-repellent fabric stand up to demanding use.

An external tripod cup and included rain cover add convenience during outdoor shoots. Photographers with expansive kits will appreciate the ample capacity and versatile access of the Redbee 110.


  • Fits 2 camera bodies, many lenses, drones
  • Dual side and top access points
  • External tripod cup and rain cover
  • Padded 13” laptop sleeve


  • More expensive than casual photographer models

Lowepro LP37161 M-Trekker SH 150 Shoulder Bag Review

Providing excellent value, the Lowepro M-Trekker SH 150 brings versatility to photographers on a budget. The slim shoulder bag fits mirrorless systems, lenses, and tablets in a lightweight 0.5 kg design.

Quick-release buckles grant speedy interior access through the top and front flap openings. Front accessory pockets organize small items while interior sleeves and dividers protect electronics. An adjustable shoulder strap ensures comfortable carrying.

For casual photographers and students seeking an affordable, no-frills shoulder bag, the LP37161 M-Trekker SH 150 packs lots of utility into a wallet-friendly package.


  • Extremely affordable pricing
  • Slim 0.5 kg design
  • Front and top access to the main compartment
  • Adjustable shoulder strap


  • Capacity limited for extensive kits

Crumpler Triple A Camera Hobo Shoulder Bag Review

Blending style and functionality, the Crumpler Triple A Hobo provides effortless access to gear with its flap-top shoulder bag design. The main compartment fits a DSLR, lenses, and accessories within protective padded dividers.

Durable 1000D nylon resists abrasion while a water-resistant 210T ripstop lining safeguards contents. Quick-release buckles enable rapid gear access, while an adjustable strap ensures comfort. Available in three subtle, fashionable colours.

Forcoloursgraphers seeking a stylish shoulder bag providing convenient access, Crumpler’s Triple-A HoTriple-As understated elegance and practicality.


  • Understated, fashionable style
  • Protective 1000D nylon and ripstop lining
  • Removable padded dividers
  • Quick-release buckles for fast access


  • Less padding than larger models

Crumpler Light Delight 6000 Shoulder Bag Review

An ideal starter bag for budding photographers, the Crumpler Light Delight 6000 combines value and quality in a compact shoulder bag design. Despite its budget-friendly price, the bag contains padded quilted lining and durable waterproof ripstop fabric.

Quick-release buckles allow easy interior access to the main camera compartment. External zippered pockets provide organization while an adjustable strap enables custom-fit carrying. Weighing just 0.4 kg, the Light Delight 6000 punches above its weight for usability.

For new photographers seeking an affordable, no-frills shoulder bag, this Crumpler model delivers ample functionality.


  • Extremely affordable pricing
  • Ultra-light 0.4 kg weight
  • Waterproof ripstop fabric
  • Padded quilted lining


  • Not ideal for large professional kits

MindShift Gear PhotoCross 10 Sling Bag Review

Built for all-weather protection, the MindShift PhotoCross 10 sling bag shields valuable photography gear while allowing swift access. The durable, weatherproof shell and abrasion-resistant base protect contents from the elements.

Optimized for smaller mirrorless or DSLR kits, the 7.5L capacity fits bodies, several lenses, and 10” tablets. A waist strap stabilizes loads while a shoulder strap adjusts for proper fit. Interior dividers shield fragile gear.

For photographers seeking a compact yet rugged sling bag, the MindShift PhotoCross 10 provides hardcore protection for small kits with fast front access when shooting in harsh conditions.


  • All-weather durable, waterproof construction
  • Padded shoulder strap with stabilizing waist belt
  • Dividers to protect and organize gear
  • 7.5L capacity ideal for mirrorless kits


  • Limited capacity unsuited for large kits


An intelligently designed camera bag is one of the most beneficial accessories any photographer can have. Protect your expensive equipment while making shoots more carefree with a bag tailored to your gear and style of shooting. 

Keep comfort, weatherproofing, specialized compartments, and security features top of mind while shopping. Also, after reading this guide, you are now equipped with all the features that you should know about buying a camera bag for yourself. 

By following this guide’s tips, you can confidently find the ideal camera bag to bring convenience and confidence to every shoot. 

Your perfect camera bag is out there. Identify it easily using our advice, then spend your time capturing outstanding photos instead of fiddling with unsatisfactory bags. 


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