Best Reclining Camping Chairs

Best Reclining Camping Chairs

If people sat outside and looked at the stars each night, I’ll bet they’d live a lot differently – Bill Waterson  It’s never too late to dip your toes into the lake of self-discovery, all … Read more

Best Tent Air Conditioners

Best Tent Air Conditioners

There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a hot, stuffy tent, with no way to cool down. Especially during the summer months when you want to go camping! The last thing you’ll want to be … Read more

easiest tent to set up by yourself

Easiest Tents to Set Up by Yourself

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Best Tent Footprint

Just bought a tent and are looking for a good tent footprint? A tent footprint is usually a good idea. It will make your tent last a lot longer and keep the moisture out. While … Read more

best safe tent heaters

Best Safe Tent Heaters

Are you a regular camper? Someone who doesn’t exactly love the great outdoors, but seems to have agreed to sleep in it? Either way, you might be wondering if it’s possible to safely warm your … Read more

Are Sleeping Bags Comfortable?

Years ago I went group camping and had a friend ask if sleeping bags are comfortable. They were somewhat of a “picky sleeper” and they wanted to make sure they were comfortable. Well, we started … Read more

price of bundle of firewood

How Much Is a Bundle of Firewood?

If you’re going camping or just want to have a fire in the backyard, you’re probably wondering how much a bundle of firewood costs. A bundle of firewood costs between $5 and $7 dollars. This … Read more

Wearing Chacos and sandals hiking

Are Chacos Good For Hiking? Yes, Here’s Why

Chacos are known to be super comfortable, but are they actually practical for hiking? If you ask this question online, you’ll get a lot of different answers, ranging from “Chacos are terrible for hiking” and … Read more

Camping without a tent

6 Ways to Camp Without a Tent

While tents are often thought of as a requirement for camping, there are lots of other ways to camp without one. And thanks to modern technology, there are now tent alternatives that didn’t become popular … Read more