Camping After Getting a Tattoo, Is It Too Soon?

So you’re getting a new tattoo and want to go play in the woods. You got some really exciting adventures planned and don’t want to miss out. I totally get it. So the question is, can you go camping after getting a tattoo?

Going camping or hiking after getting a tattoo depends on the type of activity, tattoo, and how fresh the tattoo is. The best advice is to ask your artist.

If you do go camping after getting a tattoo, your best bet is using Saniderm to speed up the healing process and keep it waterproof. This stuff truly is amazing. No more ointments, multiple washing, or inking up your clothes! Be sure to check it out Saniderm on Amazon.

Camping After Getting a Tattoo

Tattoos take about 2-3 weeks to heal if taken care of and there’s no infections, extreme scabbing, or complications. After this time, you should be safe to go camping.

Before then, the answer is, unfortunately, more complicated.

For larger tattoos or tattoos with lots of colors, fills, and shading, it’s going to take longer to heal than a smaller simpler tattoo.

If you plan on just hanging out inside all the time and don’t plan on getting dirty or sweaty, it’s probably fine. But if you’re out in the woods getting dirty, I would reconsider.

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Stages of Healing

  • 0-3 days – At this stage, your tattoo is the most delicate and is still an open wound. It’s important to avoid sweating, dirt, abrasion/rubbing, and anything that will get the tattoo wet.
  • 3-7/10 days – This is when your tattoo is a closed wound and forms a delicate scab. You can be a little more relaxed but it’s still important to keep care of it.
  • 10-14 days – This is when the tattoo is finally healing and scabs are hardened. It’s important to let the scabs fall off naturally and not to pick them. Avoid direct sun is recommended and sunscreen will be okay.

If your thinking of going camping or hiking 0-3 days after a tattoo, I would play it safe and either reschedule getting a tattoo or your trip. Especially if you’re doing something like backpacking where you are bound to get dirty.

If it’s past 3 days, going camping or light hiking could be fine if you take care of it.

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Taking Care of Your Tattoo When Camping

When you’re camping with a new tattoo, the same general tattoo care applies.

  • Protect the tattoo from dirt, scratches, and abrasion
  • Keep it clean and covered
  • Wash the area with clean soapy water 1-2 times a day

When you’re doing anything physical, definitely keep an eye on it periodically.

If you think you might have a hard time washing the tattoo when you’re out in the woods, bring some soap that’s safe and buckets with you along with some clean water. I wouldn’t rely on water at the campground just in case.

You might even want to use something like Saniderm. Saniderm is medical grade tattoo aftercare. It basically speeds the healing process up to one week! And it provides a waterproof barrier and keeps out dirt and all the other bad stuff that can really ruin your tattoo.

If you are go camping or hiking after getting a tattoo, Saniderm is probably your best option. Check out the price and reviews on Amazon to see for yourself.