Best Camping Generator Australia

Reviews: Best Camping Generator Australia

Having the right generator can make all the difference when camping off-grid in Australia’s scenic wilderness. Powering appliances and electronics away from mains electricity is a game-changer for comfort and convenience. 

But with so many generator options on the market, it can be daunting to decide which model best suits your needs. This guide explores the key factors in choosing the ideal camping generator.

Whether touring the outback in a motorhome, overlanding in a 4WD, or tent camping at bush campsites, a quality generator expands your off-grid capabilities.

Best Camping Generator Australia
Best Camping Generator Australia

Run an air conditioner or microwave to cook hot meals. Keep phones and laptops charged to stay connected. Power refrigerators, pumps, lights, and more. The benefits are extensive.

When evaluating generators, the first consideration is your intended application. Small portable inverter generators from 0.5-2 kW provide basic power for lighting, battery charging, and small appliances. 

Mid-size inverter units from 2-5kW can comfortably run RV air con units, medium appliances, and multiple electronics. Large 5-12 kW generators offer endless power for high-demand motorhomes.

Also, factor in the fuel type. Most standard camping generators run on petrol/gasoline, which is easy to refuel from any servo. 

Propane generators offer an alternative fuel source but require heavy gas cylinder transport. Eco-friendly solar generators use free renewable solar energy but provide less output overall.

Key features include the outlets provided, noise level, runtime, and whether solar charging and parallel linking are possible. 

Look for additional perks like a digital data display, an electric start button, economy mode to conserve fuel, and built-in wheels for easier mobility. Safety features like low oil shutdown are also vital.

By evaluating your intended generator usage, power needs, ease of mobility, noise limitations, and key features, you can zero in on the right generator for your style of Aussie camping. A reliable companion adding convenience, comfort, and safety far from the grid is an investment that will reward you trip after trip.

How To Choose The Best Generator For Camping

Having a reliable generator opens up a world of convenience and comfort while camping off-grid. But with so many models on the market, it can be tricky to select the right one for your needs. This comprehensive guide explores the key factors to consider when choosing a camping generator.


First, think about how you plan to use your generator. Will it power essentials like lights, phones, and a cooler? Or do you need to run larger appliances like an air conditioner or microwave? Your intended use will determine the ideal power output.

If you just need a basic generator to charge devices and run small electronics, a smaller 0.5-1 kW unit will suffice. For RV air conditioning, microwave, and multiple appliances, look for 2-3 kW output or more. Understand your power requirements before shopping.

Power Output

One of the most important specs is the rated power output, stated in watts. This indicates the continuous wattage the generator can produce for extended periods. The higher output allows for running more high-drain devices.

The surge or peak power shows the maximum temporary output for starting motors and appliances. Surge power should be at least twice the rated output. So, a 2000W generator offers 4000W surge power for ignition.

Also, check the outlets provided. Many have 120V AC outlets, 12V DC ports, and USB charging. Ensure compatibility with your devices. If a parallel connection is possible, two units can be combined for more power.

Fuel Source

Most camping generators run on petrol/gasoline for convenient refuelling anywhere. But propane and diesel options are also available. Solar generators use free renewable energy from the sun, but output is limited.

Gasoline provides the highest power density in a compact and affordable package. Just be sure to use fresh, stabilised fuel and proper storage to avoid issues. Propane generators burn cleaner, but the heavy tanks hinder mobility. Consider your usage and refuelling access.

Noise Level

Generator noise can disrupt your peace, so check decibel ratings. Quieter inverter generators run 50-60dB, while standard generators run 65- 75 dB. Sound levels vary based on load. Light loads are quieter. Also, placing the unit away from sites helps mask noise.

If you’ll run it overnight, invest in an inverter model rated under 60dB. But more powerful generators inherently run louder. Use a noise-dampening housing if needed. Be considerate of nearby campers.

Size and Weight

Generator portability is crucial for camping. Smaller generators weigh 15-40 lbs for easy transport and storage. Wheeled models assist in moving larger units.

Lower wattage inverters are compact like coolers, while 3-5kW models have full frames. If backpacking, keep weight minimal. But for RV or car camping, heavier-duty generators provide more power. Gauge your mobility needs against output when selecting.

Fuel Tank and Runtime

With a larger fuel tank, generators can run longer before requiring refuelling. Average fuel capacity is 2-5 gallons, lasting 5-10 hours under 50% load. Higher capacity extends runtimes to 16-24 hours per tank.

Runtime is also affected by efficiency and load. More fuel-efficient inverter generators offer longer runs. And smaller electrical loads use less fuel than larger ones. Factor in your typical usage hours to choose ample capacity. More runtime means less frequent refuelling stops.

Safety Features

Modern generators include automated safety systems to prevent damage. Low oil shutoff disables operation when oil runs too low. Overload protection shuts down the engine if electrical loads exceed capacity.

Voltage regulation maintains a steady power flow. Other features include high-temp warnings, automatic idle control, and fuel gauges. These smart diagnostics protect the generator and your connected devices.

Additional Features

Convenient extras improve the camping generator experience. Look for units with built-in power outlets rather than hardwired connections. Multiple 120V and USB ports allow simultaneous device charging.

Some models have electric start buttons, battery charging, and digital displays showing voltage, runtime, etc. Parallel connection ports let you link two units for added wattage. Wheel kits aid mobility. Protective covers keep your generator clean and dry during storage and transport.

Best Camp Generator Reviews Australia

Following are the 10 best camp generators in Australia. These generators are reviewed with pros and cons to help you find the best generator according to your needs.

Gentrax Inverter Generator 2.0KW

Gentrax Inverter Generator 2.0KW
Gentrax Inverter Generator 2.0KW

This affordable 2.0kW Gentrax generator is ideal for off-grid camping. It supplies enough clean power to run lights, small appliances, and an AC unit. The inverter produces smooth, safe electricity to charge sensitive electronics like laptops without damage.

Despite the low price, it’s durable and portable at 22kg. The quiet 58dB operation won’t disturb fellow campers. It can run up to 9 hours continuously on a full 4.5L petrol tank. Useful features include overload and low oil shutoff protection for safety. With reliable power in a compact unit, it’s one of the top small generators for camping and RV use.


  • Budget-friendly price
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Quiet 58dB output
  • Protective shutoff sensors


  • A basic design lacking features

Gentrax Inverter Generator 3.5KW

This powerful 3.5kW Gentrax generator delivers almost double the output of the 2kW model. It’s ideal for running high-draw devices like RV air conditioning units and power tools. Despite the extra output, it maintains a quiet 58dB operation.

Pure sine wave inverter technology protects sensitive electronics like phones and laptops during charging. With two 240V AC outlets, you can power multiple appliances and gadgets on camping trips. It also includes a 12-month warranty for peace of mind.

While heavier than the 2kW at 30kg, it’s still compact and portable. Reliable power and versatile performance make it one of the top pop-up camper and caravan generators.


  • Strong 3500W power output
  • Pure sine wave inverter
  • 12-month warranty
  • Quiet operation


  • Relatively heavy

Cromtech Outback Generator

The ultra-quiet Cromtech Outback generator delivers up to 20 hours of reliable power for off-grid camping and RV use. Whisper-quiet 52-59dB operation won’t disturb neighbours or wildlife. The compact 20kg unit is easy to transport.

With 2400W output, it can readily handle lights, appliances, and AC. The pure sine wave inverter safely charges sensitive devices like phones. Two AC outlets and USB charging provide power for multiple gadgets.

Easy to operate and maintain, the Cromtech Outback provides portable power wherever your adventures take you. The long runtime and quiet performance make it one of the top camping generators.


  • Ultra-quiet 52-59dB output
  • 20-hour maximum runtime
  • Pure sine wave inverter
  • Lightweight at 20kg


  • Higher cost than some models

Westinghouse iGen2200 Portable Inverter Generator

From a respected brand, this quiet Westinghouse inverter generator adapts its power output for efficiency. It provides clean electricity to safely run sensitive electronics like laptops and phones when camping or in an RV.

The 1800W continuous and 2200W surge power can handle lights, appliances, and more for up to 12 hours on a 4.5L tank. Economy mode saves fuel when less power is needed. The 52dB noise won’t disturb neighbors. Easy pull-start fires right up. Dual 120V outlets and USB ports provide versatile charging.

Lightweight at 21kg, it’s easy to transport. Helpful features include overload and low oil shutdown protection. You can also connect two units for more power. A top-quality portable power source for off-grid use.


  • Quiet 52dB operation
  • Adaptable power output
  • 12-hour runtime
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Expensive
  • No fuel gauge

GENPOWER SV7000 Inverter Petrol Generator

The powerful GENPOWER SV7000 generator delivers up to 4500W for operating high-draw devices and appliances while camping or on work sites. It provides clean electricity with the inverter. Despite the robust output, it runs quietly at 59dB.

The huge 12L fuel tank provides over 10 hours of usage at 50% load. Convenient push button start plus manual recoil option. Includes two AC outlets and two USB charging ports. 

Built-in wheels and extendable handles offer easy transport of the heavy 45kg unit. Reliable performance makes it one of the top portable generators.


  • 4500W max power output
  • 12-liter fuel capacity
  • Push start and pull start
  • Wheels for mobility


  • Very heavy at 45kg

EF ECOFLOW RIVER Portable Power Station

The ultra-compact EF ECOFLOW River power station provides portable AC and USB charging for camping and outdoor use. Although not for large loads, its 600W pure sine wave inverter safely powers phones, lights, and gadgets. The tiny 5kg unit charges super fast.

Simply plug into AC, connect solar panels, or use the DC car outlet to recharge in under 1.5 hours. Smart battery management ensures safe operation. Track power levels and usage on the mobile app.

With fast charging speed, a lightweight design, and versatile recharging options, the EF ECOFLOW is ideal for off-grid power in a tiny package.


  • Lightweight at 5kg
  • Super fast recharging
  • Smart app connectivity and tracking
  • Pure sine wave AC inverter


  • Low power output
  • Not for large loads

Adventure Kings 2.0kVA Inverter Generator

This premium 2.0kW generator from Adventure Kings provides portable power for camping and outdoor use. The inverter produces clean electricity to safely operate sensitive devices. With 2200W max output, it can handle a microwave, coffee machine, and more.

Eco mode adapts the power usage for efficiency. Overload protection shuts down the unit if overloaded. It runs 3.5 hours per 4.1L tank of regular unleaded petrol. The pull start fires up easily. At 57dB, it’s moderately quiet, considering the strong output.


  • Eco mode for efficiency
  • Overload protection
  • Uses regular unleaded petrol
  • Easy pull start


  • Louder than some models

Kuller Inverter Camping Generator

The powerful Kuller generator delivers 3500W continuous output and 4200W surge for operating high-draw appliances while camping. The inverter generates clean, stable power for sensitive electronics. With a 5L tank, it runs 5-10 hours, depending on the load.

At a fairly compact 26kg, it strikes a good balance between power and portability. The 68dB noise could be lower but reasonable for the high output. Includes useful features like low oil shutdown. Provides robust portable power despite its lighter weight.


  • Potent 3500W continuous output
  • Lightweight for the power
  • Low oil shutoff protection


  • 68dB is louder than some

Aimtom Portable Solar Generator

The tiny Aimtom is a solar-powered generator for eco-friendly off-grid power. Weighing just 2kg, its 42000mAh lithium battery can charge phones, lights, and laptops for around 3 hours per charge via the AC, USB, and DC ports.

The built-in LED flashlight provides illumination when camping. Simply set the panel in sunlight to recharge the battery for free endless power. With a compact suitcase design and handle, it’s highly portable. A good, affordable solar-powered option.


  • Solar panel recharges the battery
  • Built-in LED flashlight
  • Super lightweight at 2kg
  • Low cost


  • Limited output and runtime

Westinghouse iGen2500 Digital Inverter Generator

Power Generator
Power Generator

This impressive Westinghouse inverter generator provides a powerful 2500W output yet runs very quietly at just 51dB. The excellent 17-hour runtime per 4.3L tank is ideal for long off-grid power. Advanced inverter technology protects sensitive devices.

The digital display shows power usage stats. Clean air systems minimise emissions and odours. The moderately heavy 21.5kg unit is still portable. Includes a 2-year domestic warranty for peace of mind. Delivers robust, efficient power with minimal noise disturbance.

Topping many best-of lists, the Westinghouse iGen2500 inverter generator delivers a premium camping experience. It can comfortably run an RV air conditioner or microwave.

Features include electric start, digital data display, economy mode, and outlets for quick charging. Weighing in at just 46 pounds, the compact and portable Westinghouse generator is ideal for nearly any camping or emergency power situation. 


  • Very quiet 51dB operation
  • Long 17-hour runtime
  • Advanced clean air systems
  • 2-year warranty


  • Fairly heavy at 21.5kg 


With countless generator models on the market, choosing the right camping generator involves evaluating your specific power needs and usage factors. 

Small portable inverter generators offer quiet, convenient power for basic charging and electronics. Mid-size units comfortably run RV and camper amenities. Large-frame generators provide endless power for high-demand motorhomes and robust backup applications.

Evaluating your intended generator application, power needs, noise, mobility, and key features will guide you to the right pick. Lightweight inverter generators offer portable power, while heavy-duty generators fuel larger devices. 

Keep noise down and safety up. Shop for built-in ports, sufficient outlets, and runtime to reduce refuelling stops. Invest in a reliable generator sized just right, and you’ll enhance any off-grid camping excursion.

Focus on your intended use, fuel requirements, noise limits, mobility priorities, and key features. Consider extras like solar charging, parallel capability, outlets, and wheel kits. 

By selecting the ideal power output and functionality for your situation, you’re sure to enjoy reliable off-grid electricity for years to come.

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