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Best Camping Stove Australia 

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a hardcore outdoor enthusiast, a quality camping stove is essential gear for any camping trip. The right stove allows you to quickly whip up a hot meal after a long day on the trail or brew up your morning coffee to start the day. 

With so many stove options on the market, from small backpacking stoves to large family-size models, picking the best camping stove for your needs can be a challenge.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the key factors to consider when choosing a camping stove in Australia. We’ll compare different stove fuels like gas, wood, and alcohol to help you select the right one for your style of camping.  

Best Camping Stove Australia, Hot Coffee on a Camping Stove  
Best Camping Stove Australia, Hot Coffee on a Camping Stove

How to Choose the Best Camping Stove in Australia

Read on to learn how to evaluate stoves based on your intended use, group size, and cooking requirements. With the tips and advice here, you’ll be able to confidently choose the best stove for camp cooking success on your next outdoor adventure. 

Fuel Type Comparison

The first major consideration when buying a camping stove is what type of fuel it uses. Stove fuel determines factors like the cooking power, ease of use, weight and overall convenience. Here is an overview of the most common camping stove fuel options:

Propane Stoves

Propane, also called LPG, is one of the most popular fuels for camping stoves. Propane offers a good balance of power, efficiency and convenience. The compressed gas comes in small recyclable canisters that screw directly onto the stove for quick setup. 

Propane stoves provide adjustable cooking flames and work well even in cold weather. The canisters weigh very little, so propane stoves are a top choice for backpacking. One downside is propane’s combustible nature doesn’t make it safe for indoor use.

Wood Stoves

Wood stoves burn small pieces of wood or biomass as fuel, making them a renewable, natural choice. Models like the Solo Stove use wood efficiently with good airflow and methanol to initiate combustion. 

The main drawback is having to continually feed wood into the stove – useless if the wood is wet. Wood stoves also tend to be bulkier and heavier than other backpacking stoves. But for car or RV camping, they offer a satisfying ambience.

Alcohol Stoves

Alcohol fuel stoves burn cleanly using denatured alcohol, a renewable fuel that gives off little soot. Alcohol is inexpensive and widely available. 

However, alcohol flames lack adjustability and are less efficient than other fuels. Still, alcohol stove fans appreciate their lightweight portability for ultralight backpacking. Integrated pots on alcohol stoves like the Trangia allow for easy cooking.

Liquid Fuel Stoves

Liquid fuel stoves from Coleman, Primus and MSR burn kerosene, gasoline or naphtha for maximum versatility and power. They perform well in all weather. Separate liquid fuel bottles allow you to monitor the fuel supply. However, setup and maintenance are more complex than other stoves. Liquid fuel stoves also tend to be bulkier, so they’re best for car camping or hunting/fishing trips.

Weight and Portability

Backpackers need an ultralight stove under 1 pound. Canister, alcohol and small propane stoves offer the best balance of lightweight portability and performance. Larger families will prioritize more cooking power and can accommodate bulkier, heavier stoves. Integrated storage cases, folding legs and lockable lids also enhance portability when travelling.

Top Camping Stoves Review Australia

Two Women Cook on a Camping Stove
Two Women Cook on a Camping Stove

Coghlan’s Stove Review

The Coghlan’s folding camp stove is a great option if you want an affordable, compact, and easy-to-use stove for boiling water or minor cooking while camping or hiking. This mini alcohol stove folds up small enough to fit in any backpack and only weighs 0.8 kg.

When it’s time to use the stove, just unfold it and place any canned solid fuel like alcohol tablets in the centre burner. Then simply light it, and you’ll have a sturdy platform for small pots and cookware. 

There’s no flame adjustment, so it’s best for quick boil-ups rather than more serious cooking. But for the price and packability, it can’t be beaten!

If you want a super portable, budget-friendly stove for boiling water on camping trips or day hikes, the tiny Coghlan folding stove is a great option to consider.


  • Folds up very small for easy packing
  • Works with any canned solid fuel like alcohol tablets
  • Sturdy enough for small pots and cookware
  • Very affordable price point


  • No flame adjustment
  • On the smaller side, for serious cooking

Coleman Peak1 Stove Review

The Coleman Peak1 propane stove is one of the best lightweight and compact camping stoves perfect for backpackers and hikers who still want Coleman’s trusted quality. 

This stove screws onto disposable propane cylinders and puts out a strong 10,000 BTU burner, enough to boil a litre of water in just 3 minutes.

Despite its small size (13 x 14 x 11 cm) and featherlight 250 gm weight, the Peak1 stove stands sturdy and includes Coleman’s “Perfect Flow” technology for consistent performance even in windy conditions. 

There’s also a protective heat shield around the burner knob to prevent finger burns. While it doesn’t come with a windscreen, it’s still one of the best portable stoves for backcountry adventures when you want to travel light.

With its clever design and brand reputation, the Coleman Peak1 is among the best camping stoves for hiking and backpacking when every ounce counts, but you still want maximum cooking performance.


  • Very lightweight and packs down small
  • 10,000 BTU of power from trusted Coleman
  • Perfect Flow technology for a steady flame
  • Protective heat shield around the burner


  • Does not include a windscreen
  • Only one burner

Gas One GS-800 Camp Stove Review

The Gas One GS-800 is a lightweight, compact butane stove great for backpackers and campers. Weighing only 1.4 kg, it packs 7,650 BTU of cooking power into a retro-styled stainless steel frame with an enamelled base.

Though small, this portable stove can handle all your cooking needs on camping trips. It’s easy to use and clean, with a single adjustable burner powered by detachable butane canisters. Despite lacking windshields, the GS-800’s compact size lets you nestle it into natural rock windbreaks while cooking in the backcountry.

Measuring just 20 x 24 x 9 cm, this stove slips easily into any pack or carrying case. The included plastic case protects the stove, though an aftermarket upgrade may be more durable. For a budget-friendly portable stove that doesn’t sacrifice performance or packability, the Gas One GS-800 is a great option for backpacking adventures and car camping alike.


  • Compact, retro design
  • Adjustable 7,650 BTU burner
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Affordable price point


  • Lacks windshields
  • The included case is not super sturdy
Person Cooking Meat on a Camping Stove in the Forest
Person Cooking Meat on a Camping Stove in the Forest

Ohuhu Camping Stove Review

The Ohuhu Camping Stove is a lightweight, eco-friendly single-burner stove fueled by wood or alcohol tablets. Weighing under 0.5 kg, its compact stainless steel body measures just 13.5 x 13.5 x 13.5 cm.

Despite the small size, three support arms create a stable base for pots and pans when cooking in camp. It requires only small twigs, pinecones or other biomass as fuel, reducing your environmental impact. Once you get the technique down, starting and maintaining a fire is straightforward.

Forgoing gas canisters for renewable fuels like wood and alcohol makes the Ohuhu stove one of the most innovative and sustainable backpacking stoves available today. And at well under 1 pound packed weight, you’ll barely notice it in your backpack.


  • Ultra lightweight design
  • 3 support arms for stability
  • Wood-burning is eco-friendly
  • Easy to use once you get the technique


  • It can be tricky initially starting the fire
  • Lacks wind protection

Gas One GS-3900P Stove Review

The Gas One GS-3900P is a portable dual-fuel stove great for camping and backpacking. It runs on either butane or propane, giving you 15,000 BTU of adjustable cooking power in a compact, 1.4 kg package.

The stove screws onto standard fuel canisters and features push-button electric ignition for matchless lighting. A full wraparound windscreen protects the burner, while the two-part drip tray prevents fuel leaks and is simple to clean after use.

For safety, the GS-3900P has an automatic shutdown system if it detects irregular gas flow. It also includes a plastic carrying case, though the case itself is not extremely durable. 

Overall, this is one of the best portable stoves for car campers and backpackers alike, thanks to its versatility, power and smart safety features.


  • Dual fuel (butane or propane)
  • 15,000 BTU of power
  • Electric push-button ignition
  • Protective windscreen
  • Safety auto-shutdown system


  • Carrying case could be more heavy-duty
  • Only one burner

Hamans Ultralight Backpacking Stove Review

The Hamans Ultralight Portable Camp Stove is an excellent option for minimalist backpackers and trekkers looking for a compact, budget-friendly stove. 

Weighing just 100 grams and measuring a tiny 8 x 6 x 4 cm, this stove packs 10,000 BTU of cooking power into a pocket-sized stainless steel frame. It runs on butane/propane mix canisters and features an integrated piezo igniter for matchless lighting. 

The folding stainless steel arms quickly click into place to create a stable platform for small pots and pans. While the arms are fairly short and lack windshields, the stove’s low profile lets you nestle it behind rocks or in tree cover.

Despite its incredibly light weight and size, the Hamans stove assembles easily and provides good flame control. It’s best for quickly boiling water or cooking small meals for 1-2 people. 

The micro size and weight make it disappear into any pack or bag. So, for minimalist hikers who want a cheap but capable stove, the Hamans Ultralight is hard to beat.


  • Extremely lightweight at 100 grams
  • Integrated piezo igniter
  • Packs down tiny
  • Good flame control
  • Budget-friendly price


  • Short support arms lack wind protection
  • Small size limits the cooking capacity

Coleman Guide Series Dual Fuel Stove Review

The Coleman Guide Series Dual Fuel Stove is a versatile and powerful camping stove built for hardcore outdoor cooks. It runs on either Coleman liquid fuel or unleaded gasoline, giving you flexibility in fuel choice. 

Each of the two burners puts out a strong 14,000 BTU, for a total of 28,000 BTU across the chrome-plated cooking surface.

This brute of a stove excels in windy conditions thanks to its wraparound windscreen panels. When calm, you can fold down the panels to create extra prep space. While somewhat heavier at 5.4 kg, the rugged steel construction gives it the durability to last for years.

Overall, the Coleman Guide Series stove has the power and fuel efficiency to meet the needs of serious camp chefs who want to cook full meals on the trail. 

Its wind-blocking design makes it more usable in exposed conditions than many stoves. If you want time-tested Coleman quality in a dual-fuel camping stove, the Guide Series is an excellent choice.


  • Dual fuel capability
  • Total 28,000 BTU cooking power
  • Windscreen blocks gusts
  • Folds down to expand workspace
  • Classic rugged Coleman Construction


  • On the heavy side, at 5.4 kg
  • More parts make setup trickier

Devanti 3 Burner Camp Stove & Oven Review

The Devanti 3 Burner Camp Stove & Oven brings full home cooking capability to your campsite. This rugged stainless steel unit combines a professional-grade stove with a baking oven for incredible flexibility when car camping or at festivals.

The stove top has two 5,300 BTU burners, while the spacious oven produces 3,500 BTU and fits two removable wire racks. The three-sided windscreen keeps the flames protected. Large knobs make it easy to control the heat when sautéing or simmering.

The oven reaches up to 300°C, enough heat for baking bread, roasting vegetables or cooking a pizza. A front thermometer takes the guesswork out. The see-through glass oven door lets you monitor food without losing heat.

At 53 x 30 x 46 cm and 18 kg, the Devanti Stove & Oven isn’t lightweight. But for camp chefs who want to cook like they’re at home, it can’t be beaten. Fueled by propane, this unit unlocks cooking possibilities far beyond most camping stoves.


  • Powerful 3-burner stove top
  • Large baking oven with a thermometer
  • Rugged stainless steel construction
  • Wind-blocking panels on 3 sides
  • Oven racks and thermometer included


  • Heavy and bulky for packing
  • Only runs on propane

Chef Master Portable Camping Stove Review

The Chef Master Portable Camping Stove is a lightweight yet powerful stove great for camping, hiking and general outdoor cooking. Its high-impact polymer frame houses a sturdy burner that puts out 15,000 BTU on a stable chrome-plated grate.

While the included carrying case feels a bit flimsy, the Chef Master stove itself is well-made and Includes several handy features for camp cooking. It has a built-in piezo igniter for matchless lighting and side windshields to protect the flame on blustery days.

For safety, there’s an automatic shutoff that engages if gas pressure gets too high. Rubber feet keep the stove firmly planted on any surface. When collapsed, the Chef Master stove measures just 11 x 7 x 3 inches and weighs only 2.2 kg – easy enough to toss in a backpack.

With its blend of portability and power, the Chef Master stove is one of the top-rated single-burner camping stoves. The automatic shutoff gives peace of mind, while the lighter weight still allows true backcountry use. It’s the ideal quick-cooking camp companion.


  • Up to 15,000 BTU of adjustable heat
  • Built-in piezo igniter
  • Protective windshields
  • Safety auto shutoff feature
  • Lightweight at 2.2 kg


  • The carrying case feels flimsy
  • Only one burner

Coleman 2-Burner Propane Stove Review

The Coleman Triton InstaStart is one of the best 2-burner camping stoves, with 22,000 BTU of combined cooking power from its pair of propane-fueled burners. Designed for versatility, it works as well at the campsite as it does on hunting and fishing trips.

The aluminium cooktop allows for easy cleaning, while the adjustable burners let you fine-tune heat levels. Sturdy plastic side tables help block the wind when needed. Integrated push-button igniters eliminate the need for matches to light the burners.

Durable steel construction gives the stove strength without crazy weight. At 4.5 kg, it’s light enough for packing but still feels solidly made. When being transported, the heavy-duty latch keeps the lid securely closed.

With trusted Coleman quality and performance, the Triton InstaStart stove has the power and portability needed for successful camping meals. It’s easy to operate and holds up well to heavy use. The two burners give flexibility in cooking multiple ingredients. For car camping or base camping, it’s one of the best 2-burner stove options.


  • 22,000 BTU total cooking power
  • Push-button ignition
  • Wind-blocking side tables
  • Durable steel construction
  • Heavy-duty locking latch


  • No storage for the propane cylinder
  • Side tables can’t be used as prep space


A great camping stove makes all the difference when it comes to enjoying delicious, hot meals in the great outdoors. With so many models on the market, take the time to evaluate your specific cooking needs when shopping for a new camp stove.

Carefully weigh factors like the stove’s fuel source, power output in BTUs, overall size, and useful extras like integrated ignition and windscreens. Light-duty backpacking demands a much different stove than heavy car camping use. 

So whether you’re a solo backpacker or a family of six, use this guide to find your perfect camping stove match. The right stove will serve you well for years of camping trips to come!


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