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An air mattress can be an extremely useful addition to your home or for your camping adventures. Also known as an airbed or blow-up mattress, air mattresses provide a comfortable sleeping surface that can be inflated and deflated as needed. 

With so many options on the market, how do you determine what is truly the best air mattress?

This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know to find the perfect air mattress for your needs. We’ll cover how to choose the right size, pump type, thickness, material, special features, and more.

Camping Mattress at the side of Tent Best Air Mattress
Camping Mattress at the side of Tent Best Air Mattress

How to Choose the Best Air Mattress 


When selecting your air mattress size, be realistic about how much space you have available and who will be using it. Measure out the dimensions on the floor to get a feel for how much room you’ll have. 

Twin – A twin-size air mattress has dimensions of approximately 190cm long by 96cm wide. The compact twin size is great for solo sleepers, particularly in camping scenarios. It can fit snugly in a tent or the back of an SUV when you need portable sleeping arrangements. Twin-size mattresses work well for kids too.

XL Twin – Slightly longer than a standard twin at 200cm long, the XL twin size gives taller sleepers the extra leg room they need. It offers a great balance of space efficiency and comfort.

Full/Double – For two people who don’t mind sleeping close, a full-size air mattress measuring 190cm by 135cm can work. This size is a good compromise for fitting two people while still being quite portable.

Queen – Queen air mattresses measuring approximately 200cm by 150cm offer ample room for two people. This size can accommodate couples or pairs of sleepers without feeling cramped. The queen size also fits well in larger tents or standard bedrooms. It strikes a nice balance of spaciousness and maneuverability.

King – A king-size air mattress maximises sleeping space with dimensions around 200cm by 190cm. If you have the floor area, the oversized king size allows two (or more) people to spread out comfortably. But it may be bulky for portable camping use.

Types of Air Pumps

Today’s air mattresses take the work out of inflation with integrated or external air pumps. Here are the common pump types and their pros and cons:

Manual External Pump – The most affordable option is a manual external pump that you can operate by hand. This type of pump takes more physical effort and time to fill the mattress. But it doesn’t rely on batteries or electricity.

Electric External Pump – Electric pumps make inflating your mattress much easier. You simply plug it into an outlet and turn it on to fully inflate an air mattress in just minutes. However, you’ll need an available power source.

Battery-Operated Pump – For maximum portability, battery-powered pumps run on batteries, so you can inflate your mattress anywhere. They provide convenience without cords but require batteries to be replaced over time.

Built-In Pump – Higher-end air mattress models have a pump built directly into the mattress. These are convenient for one-step inflation but are pricier than external pump designs.

Best Air Bed Reviews 

Coleman Quick Bed Camping Mattress

The Coleman Quick Bed Camping Mattress is a great option if you need an air mattress for camping or overnight guests. This mattress comes in XL single, double, and queen sizes, so you can choose the right size for your needs. It is made of durable, antimicrobial fabric that resists mould and odours.

This camping air mattress only weighs around 3 kg, even in the queen size, making it one of the most lightweight options out there. The antimicrobial fabric keeps the mattress from developing mould, mildew, or odours over time. 

It has an airtight double-lock system that prevents air from escaping while you sleep. The mattress is easy to set up in just minutes using the included external pump (sold separately). It’s versatile enough for home use or camping trips. 

When deflated, it packs down small for storage and portability. The Coleman Quick Bed is an affordable, no-frills air mattress perfect for camping or overnight guests. 


  • Lightweight and affordable price
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Antimicrobial fabric prevents mould and odours
  • The airtight system prevents air leaks
  • Can be used for camping or for guests
  • Includes storage bag for portability
  • Sets up in minutes with an external pump


  • Requires purchasing a separate air pump

Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump

The Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress stands out for its Never Flat pump system that maintains the air pressure all night long. This queen-size air mattress offers variable firmness settings, so you can choose between plush, medium, and firm comfort.

Weighing around 13 kg, this air mattress is heavier than some other options. But that’s a small tradeoff for its advanced Never Flat pump. This secondary pump activates quietly if it senses a loss of air pressure. 

The raised height of 46 cm makes getting in and out of bed easier compared to lower air mattresses. It uses circular coils and horizontal reinforcements to maintain the shape and provide consistent comfort across the entire mattress. 

The flocked velvet top prevents sheets from slipping. With variable firmness levels and reliable air pressure all night, the Insta-Bed Raised Mattress is ideal for home use or while travelling. Just keep in mind the higher price tag and heavier weight compared to basic air mattress models.


  • Never Flat pump maintains selected air pressure
  • Choose between plush, medium, or firm comfort
  • Circular coils prevent sagging and dips
  • Raised height makes getting in and out easier
  • Flocked top keeps sheets in place
  • Carry bag included for storage


  • Heavy and bulky
  • More expensive than basic models

Intex Deluxe Raised Airbed

The Intex Deluxe Raised Airbed is designed to provide the comfort of a real bed at an affordable price. This queen-size air mattress has a raised height of 42 cm and distributes air evenly to remain firm and supportive.

The built-in electric pump allows you to inflate this airbed in just minutes. It has a simple control dial to adjust to your desired firmness. Deflating is just as fast with the easy-to-use pump. 

Since it requires a power source, this air mattress is best suited for home use rather than camping trips without electricity. It comes with a carry bag for storage and portability. 

The fiber-tech interior provides a comfortable, supportive sleep surface similar to a traditional mattress. Just note that it sits fairly close to the ground. Overall, the Intex Deluxe Raised Airbed is an excellent choice for accommodating overnight guests at home or in a hotel room.


  • Firm, supportive sleep surface
  • Raised height for easy getting in and out
  • Built-in electric pump for fast inflation
  • Can be deflated via a built-in pump
  • Lightweight at just 6.7 kg
  • Carry bag included


  • Needs power source for built-in pump
  • Fairly close to the ground

Bestway Aeroluxe Air Mattress

Air Mattress and Pump
Air Mattress and Pump

This Aeroluxe Air Mattress from Bestway comes at a budget-friendly price while still providing a comfortable night’s sleep. It is available in twin, double, and queen sizes with durable, puncture-resistant vinyl construction.

Weighing just 1.9 kg for a single size, this mattress is one of the most lightweight and portable options. The built-in foot pump allows you to inflate it in about 5 minutes without needing an external pump or power source. 

Raised edges help keep you centred on the mattress surface. It provides a surprisingly comfortable sleeping surface with the coil beam construction. Bestway includes a repair patch just in case it gets a small puncture. 

Keep in mind it may gradually lose some firmness overnight. But a quick top-up before bed can easily fix any sagging. For the affordable price, this air mattress is a great choice for camping, overnight guests, or even everyday use in a pinch.


  • Lightweight and inexpensive
  • Puncture-resistant vinyl material
  • Coil beam construction provides firm support
  • Built-in foot pump for quick inflation
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Raised edges keep you centred on the mattress
  • Repair patch included


  • Can slowly lose air overnight

Intex Deluxe Pillow Rest Raised Airbed

For a touch of luxury and hotel-like comfort, the Intex Deluxe Pillow Rest Raised Airbed is a top choice. This queen-size air mattress has a raised height of 46 cm and a plush flocked top that prevents sheets from slipping.

The built-in electric pump allows you to inflate this air mattress in just 3-4 minutes. You can adjust the firmness by simply turning the control dial to your preferred softness. It uses ComfortCoil Technology and a fiber-tech interior to maintain shape and firmness all night. 

The velveted, ribbed top has a luxurious feel and keeps sheets tucked in place. This Intex air mattress comes with a duffel bag for storage and transport. For the quality and features, this is an excellent option for home use or camping in luxury. 

The main drawback is the higher price compared to basic air mattress models. But overall, it provides an exceptionally comfortable night’s sleep.


  • A raised profile makes getting in and out easier
  • Built-in electric pump for fast inflation
  • Adjustable firmness levels
  • Fiber-tech interior prevents air loss
  • Ribbed, velveted top keeps sheets in place
  • Carry bag included for portability
  • Very lightweight at just 10 kg


  • Higher price than basic models

Coleman All Terrain Air Mattress

The Coleman All Terrain Air Mattress is built tough for camping and outdoor use. Made with durable, puncture-resistant material, this queen-size air mattress is designed to withstand the elements while providing a comfortable night’s sleep.

This air mattress uses Coleman’s patented double lock valve system to ensure an airtight seal that prevents air leaks during the night. The durable construction is tested to be 30% more puncture-resistant than a standard air mattress. 

It remains lightweight at only 3.8 kg for easy portability. The raised double-height style gives you more cushioning away from the ground while making it easier to get in and out of bed. 

While you’ll need to supply your own pump, the Coleman All Terrain Mattress is built to last through all your outdoor adventures. Its puncture resistance and leak-free design make it the top choice for camping and outdoor excursions.


  • Durable, puncture-resistant construction
  • The coil system provides support and stability
  • Raised double height for easy getting in and out
  • Soft, comfortable sleeping surface
  • Lightweight at only 3.8 kg
  • Foldable and easy to store
  • Airtight double lock valve prevents leaks


  • Pump not included

Lazery Sleep Air Mattress

With a raised profile and plush top, the Lazery Sleep Air Mattress aims to provide a comfortable, hotel-like A Blue Air Mattress in the Tent . This queen-size airbed has durable construction and convenient features for home use.

Weighing nearly 9 kg, this air mattress is heavier and bulkier than some cheaper options. But the quality shows in the ultra-thick quilted top and raised height of 48 cm. The remote lets you easily adjust firmness during the night for personalised comfort. 

Built-in air coils provide even support across the entire surface. It takes only minutes to fully inflate with the electric pump. 


  • Raised height of 48 cm
  • Thick, waterproof, plush top
  • Built-in electric pump
  • Remote control adjusts firmness
  • 40 air coils distribute weight evenly
  • Puncture-proof and leak-proof
  • Storage bag included


  • Heavy and bulky
  • Expensive price tag

King Koil Luxury Raised Air Mattress

For a touch of luxury, this King Koil air mattress features a quilted top and an advanced support system endorsed by chiropractors. Available in queen and California king sizes, it’s built for superior comfort.

This air mattress provides an exceptionally comfortable sleep surface with its cushioned quilt top and built-in pillow. The 120V pump fully inflates it in just 4 minutes. 

It uses King Koil’s endorsed lumbar support system to align the spine and promote proper posture while sleeping. The durable construction prevents leaks and punctures. It comes with a 1-year warranty for added peace of mind. 

Weighing nearly 8 kg, this mattress is heavy and takes up substantial storage space. It also comes at a premium price point. But for unmatched comfort and support, the King Koil Luxury mattress is worth it.


  • Quilted, waterproof top for comfort
  • Built-in pillow
  • 120V electric pump for fast inflation
  • Advanced spinal support design
  • Leakproof and durable construction
  • 1-year warranty included
  • Oversized carry bag


  • Heavy and bulky
  • Expensive

Bestway Airbed with Built-In Pump

This Bestway Airbed is designed for convenience with its built-in electric pump and cozy sleeping surface. Available in queen and king sizes, it’s built to last through frequent use.

With the built-in pump, this air mattress inflates fully in about 5 minutes. The durable vinyl construction prevents any punctures or leaks. Its coiled I-Beam structure provides firm support all night long. 

The velveteen sleep surface cradles your body comfortably. And the convenient built-in pillow saves space when travelling or storing. As one of the most rugged models, the Bestway Airbed is great for constant use. 

Just note it’s heavier weight compared to other inflatable mattresses. Allow time for any initial odours to dissipate before enjoying a wonderful night’s sleep.

A Blue Air Mattress in the Tent
A Blue Air Mattress in the Tent


  • Built-in pump inflates in 5 minutes
  • Puncture-proof vinyl material
  • Plush, velveteen sleep surface
  • I-Beam construction for stability
  • Built-in pillow for comfort
  • Carry bag included for storage


  • Heavier than similar models at 8 kg
  • Some initial off-gassing odour

Intex Dura-Beam Airbed with Built-In Pump

This Intex airbed has a built-in electric pump for quick and convenient setup. The Dura-Beam construction provides a sturdy, supportive sleep surface for years of enjoyable use.

Inflatable in less than 3 minutes, this Intex air mattress makes bedtime easy whether at home or camping. Its adjustable dial lets you customise the firmness level to your preference. 

The ultra-strong Fiber-Tech interior maintains this firmness and shape all night long. Built-in air coils add stability across the entire surface. The flocked top provides a soft, velvet feel while holding the sheets in place. 

The mattress includes a carry bag for storage and portability. With convenient features and durable construction, this Intex airbed is ideal for frequent use in any situation. The only downside is its heavier weight compared to basic air mattresses.


  • Built-in pump for fast inflation
  • Durable Fiber-Tech interior prevents air loss
  • Adjustable firmness dial
  • The plush flocked top keeps sheets in place
  • Built-in pillow for extra comfort
  • Carry bag for storage and travel


  • Relatively heavy at 6.7 kg


Finding the perfect air mattress involves evaluating your intended use, available space, budget, and desired features. Take time to measure your area, read reviews, and compare construction quality before deciding. 

Choosing the right size, thickness, materials, and integrated pump will lead to years of restful use. Invest in an air mattress that caters to your unique needs for the ultimate in customised, portable comfort.   

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