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Finding the best packing cubes can transform the way you pack luggage for any type of trip. Packing cubes neatly compartmentalize clothing, gear, and toiletries into organized modules that simplify packing and prevent jumbled suitcases. 

With everything sorted into its cube, you’ll never have to rummage through a messy pile of clothes again.

But with so many packing cube varieties available, it can be tricky to choose the right set. Factors like cube material, individual sizes, bonus accessories, compression vs non-compression design, and special features differentiate the options. 

This in-depth buying guide explores all the variables around selecting the ideal packing cubes for your travel style and needs.

Set of Packing Cubes Filled With Clothes, Best Packing Cubes
Set of Packing Cubes Filled With Clothes, Best Packing Cubes

We’ll review top materials, smart features like mesh panels, using cubes for organization vs compression, and top accessories like laundry bags and shoe cubes. You’ll also learn how to select the perfect cube sizes and quantities for your packing requirements. 

Read on for the complete packing cube buying breakdown so you can travel with confidence using these organizational dynamos.

How to Choose the Best Packing Cubes

Here are the main advantages that make packing cubes a travel essential:

Organization – Packing cubes neatly separates everything into categories using multiple cube sizes. Find clothes quickly and easily.

Compression – Some cubes compress contents to save space. Packing more into less room in your luggage.

Protection – Packing cubes protect clothing from getting dirty, wrinkled or wet during transit.

Flexibility – Mix and match cube sizes and quantities to customize for each trip.

Convenience – Makes packing, unpacking and repacking a breeze compared to loose luggage.

Visual Identification – See cube contents at a glance through mesh or transparent windows.

Portability – Lightweight cubes allow transferring just what you need into hotel rooms.

Choosing the Best Packing Cube Material

Packing cubes are constructed using various fabrics with differing properties:

Nylon: Most popular packing cube material. Extremely durable and water resistant while remaining lightweight.

Polyester: Lightweight and water resistant but less durable over the long term than nylon. Still a good economical option.

Ultra-light Nylon: Very lightweight ripstop nylon that maximizes packability without sacrificing durability. Premium choice.

Mesh: Super breathable and makes contents visible but compromises on tear resistance. Often combined with another material.

Cotton: Comfortable and breathable natural fabric but heavier and less water resistant than synthetics.

Oxford: Affordable option that’s moderately lightweight and water resistant. Not as durable in the long term.

For the best mix of strength, tear resistance, breathability and packable weight, nylon and ultra-light nylon emerge as top choices.

Key Features When Selecting Packing Cubes

Look for these features when shopping for cubes:

  • Zipper quality: Durability matters, so seek strong zippers that won’t catch or fail. Plastic zippers often break quicker than metal alternatives.
  • Fabric density: Higher denier fabrics last longer. 40D nylon offers a good balance of lightness and tear resistance.
  • Water resistance: DWR treatments cause water to bead up and prevent absorption. Essential if packing damp items like swimwear.
  • Mesh panels: Let you quickly view contents without opening while enhancing breathability and drying.
  • Suitcase expansion: Some cubes expand in the centre when packed to maximize fit in your luggage.
  • Laundry compartment: Isolates worn or dirty clothes from clean items. Prevents odors and mess.
  • TSA compliance: Allows airport security officers to inspect contents when needed without damaging the cubes.

Focus on long-lasting cubes that make packing and identifying contents easier.

Two Woman Packing Clothes Into a Travel Bag
Two Woman Packing Clothes Into a Travel Bag

Compression vs Non-Compression Packing Cubes

Non-Compression Cubes

  • No additional packing capacity, just organization
  • Contents kept neat and wrinkle-free
  • Lighter weight and more flexibility typically
  • Lower cost on average

Compression Cubes

  • Condenses clothes to create more space
  • Reduces volume occupied by soft contents
  • Heavier and firmer than non-compression
  • Costs more but saves valuable luggage space

If maximizing packing efficiency in limited luggage space is critical, compression cubes are worth the premium. But for most travellers, basic non-compression cubes provide sufficient organization.

Top Accessories to Enhance Packing Cube Utility

Specialized accessory cubes protect specific items:

Shoe Cubes- Isolate dirty shoes from clothing using a cubby or detachable bag. Some offer ventilation to aid drying.

Toiletry Kits – Keep leakage-prone items like shampoos, creams and toothpaste together and contained.

Electronic Organizers- Protect fragile tech like chargers, batteries and headphones with padded cases.

Laundry Bags- Separate worn or dirty clothes post-use until they can be washed at your destination. Stop odours and stains from spreading.

Document Holders – See-through sleeves keep itineraries, tickets, and passports together yet instantly accessible.

Cosmetic Kits – Clear bags help identify and sort makeup, skincare, hair products and tools at a glance.

Specialized cubes protect specific item types and simplify locating what you need.

Finding the Best Travel Packing Cubes for Your Needs

Choose cubes tailored to your common travel purposes:

Adventure Travel – Seek waterproof, puncture-resistant cubes with drainage meshes for damp gear and padded tech cases.

Business Trips – Slim cubes for suits and garment folders keep clothing wrinkle-free. Tech pouches protect devices.

Family Vacations – Get large capacity cubes in matching colours to organize everyone’s clothes by person. Add laundry bags.

Weekend Trips – A few basic cubes help corral basics. Small cosmetic cases suit shorter itineraries.

Study Abroad – Bring extra cubes and plan a wardrobe capsule in a colour scheme. Add RFID-safe pouches.

No matter the trip type, sizing your cubes to the length, climate and needs makes packing smooth.

Tips for Packing Luggage Using Packing Cubes

Pack strategically using these pro tips:

  • Weigh cubes individually to prevent overloading a suitcase section
  • Place heavy cubes like shoes along the bottom to keep luggage balanced
  • Put cubes for destination basics like toiletries and umbrellas on top
  • Wrap belts around cubes to maximize space usage in gaps
  • Fill the extra room in cubes with rolled socks and underwear
  • Keep unpacking simple by using colour-coded cubes for the type of clothing
  • Travel with a few empty cubes for separating purchases and dirty clothes

Smart cube-based packing organization streamlines luggage prep and access on the road.

Best Packing Cubes Review

Following are the top 10 packing cubes and their reviews with pros and cons. 

Woman Folding Her Clothes 
Woman Folding Her Clothes

G4Free Packing Cubes Review

Offering variety and convenience, the G4Free 6-piece packing cube set helps travellers stay organized across any trip. This set includes a spectrum of cube sizes to accommodate all packing needs.

The collection contains one extra-large, two large, two medium and one small cube. The spacious XL cube easily fits bulky items like sweaters and jackets while the small cube organizes socks, underwear, and accessories.

Constructed from durable ripstop nylon, these water-resistant cubes protect clothing from spills or moisture. The mesh top panels provide visibility of contents. Available in an array of vibrant colours, the cubes help identify types of packed items.

For easy sorting and access to clothes and gear, the G4Free 6-piece set offers a packing cube size and colour for every need. The quality nylon build ensures longevity across travels.


  • Mesh tops make contents visible
  • Durable ripstop nylon resists tears
  • A large variety of sizes and colours
  • Water-resistant material


  • Not compression-style cubes

Cipway Compression Packing Cubes Review

Cipway’s compression packing cubes optimize packing efficiency with their space-saving compressed design. The set includes two medium, two large, one small, and a drawstring bag ideal for laundry or shoes.

Constructed from durable nylon, these cubes resist water and tears over recurring use. Strong YKK zippers withstand frequent opening and closing. The compression design significantly reduces the volume of clothing to maximize suitcase space.

Vibrant colors help identify cube contents while the mesh tops provide visibility of what’s inside. The set strikes an excellent balance of cube sizes for versatile packing needs. Cipway backs the set with satisfaction guarantees.

For those seeking to optimize luggage capacity, Cipway’s compression cubes deliver space-saving performance and durable construction.


  • Durable nylon resists water and tearing
  • Strong YKK zippers
  • Space-saving compression design
  • Vibrant colour and size options


  • Drawstring bag on the smaller side

MOKETT Compression Packing Cubes Review

MOKETT’s compression packing cubes provide outstanding quality and space-saving performance at a wallet-friendly price point. Available in small, medium and large sizes, these cubes neatly organize clothing and gear.

The water-resistant nylon stands up to repeated use while the mesh tops allow visibility of contents. Vibrant colour choices help identify different cubes. A special shoe bag doubles as a laundry sack for isolating dirty items.

Though the mesh tops are densely woven, the fabrics’ high quality enables reliable compression to maximize luggage capacity. For budget-focused travelers, MOKETT delivers functionality and value.


  • Durable water-resistant nylon
  • Available in small, medium and large
  • Vibrant colour options
  • Great quality for the price


  • Densely woven mesh tops

Pro Packing Cubes 10-Piece Lightweight Set Review

Pro Packing Cubes’ 10-piece set provides versatile options for organizing gear of all types and sizes. Included are four slim cubes ideal for undergarments and accessories, four medium cubes for tops, pants and smaller items, and two large cubes perfect for sweaters, jackets and bulkier items.

The lightweight 40D ripstop nylon construction introduces durability without adding bulk. The cubes’ water-resistant design protects contents from moisture. Though not compression cubes, the assortment of sizes efficiently organizes both clothes and personal items.

From backpacks to suitcases, the Pro Packing 10-piece set offers lightweight, quality cubes in a variety of sizes to organize and protect gear. The manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty.


  • Ultra lightweight 40D ripstop nylon
  • Water-resistant material
  • Ideal for backpacks and suitcases
  • Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty


  • Lacks compression

Bagail 6 Set Packing Cubes Review

Offering convenience and quality, the Bagail 6-piece packing cube set helps keep luggage neatly organized. Included are two small, two medium and two large nylon ripstop cubes featuring breathable mesh top panels.

The durable 40D fabric protects clothing while resisting water and abrasion. Reinforced stitching delivers longevity through recurring trips. The cubes’ compression keeps contents secure.

With over a hundred positive reviews, these Bagail packing cubes receive high marks for their versatility, durability and quality. The cubes stow neatly in backpacks, carry-ons and suitcases while their affordable price delivers value. For all-around performance, Bagail packing cubes are a recommended choice.


  • Durable 40D ripstop nylon construction
  • Available in small, medium and large
  • Reinforced seams add longevity
  • Hundreds of positive reviews


  • Lack pronounced compression

Gonex 5 Set Packing Cubes Review

Offering versatility and quality, the Gonex 5-piece packing cube set keeps luggage neatly arranged across trips. The set contains one shoe bag, small, medium, large and extra-large cubes for customized packing.

These nylon cubes compress contents to create space while their stylish design provides visual appeal. An extra shoe/laundry bag isolates dirty items. Gonex backs the set with a 30-day refund policy and 180-day warranty.

Between their quality construction, space-saving compression and variety of sizes, Gonex packing cubes earn high marks for keeping luggage organized. Their durable and water-resistant build provides longevity across many travels.


  • Stylish and durable nylon construction
  • Space-saving compressed design
  • Sizes ranging from S-XL
  • 30-day refund and 180-day warranty


  • Lacks pronounced compression

Cloudsky 7pcs Lightweight Packing Cubes Review

Offering maximum versatility for organized packing, the Cloudsky 7-piece packing cube set caters to all luggage needs. The expansive set contains small, medium and large base cubes along with specialized accessory pouches.

Included are packing cubes for underwear, cosmetics, documents, shoes, laundry and other essentials. The Oxford fabric construction resists water for durability while double stitching enhances longevity.

The mesh top panels help identify contents while keeping them visible. Weighing next to nothing, these ultralight cubes maximize packing efficiency in carry-ons without adding bulk. For customizable organization, Cloudsky’s extensive 7-piece set delivers.


  • The 7-piece set covers all packing needs
  • Durable Oxford fabric with double stitching
  • Lightweight to maximize carry-on space
  • Mesh tops provide visibility


  • Not designed for compression

FarOut Compression Expandable Packing Cubes Review

FarOut’s 3-piece compression packing cube set optimizes packing capacity through a space-saving compressed design. Included are small, medium and large cubes to accommodate various trip durations and packing requirements.

The ripstop nylon stands up to the rigours of travel while remaining lightweight. Double stitching adds further durability to the seams. Sturdy zippers and handles enable frequent use.

The cubes compress clothes to create extra space while protecting them from humidity and moisture. Although not fully waterproof, the cubes resist light splashing. For those seeking quality compression cubes at a reasonable price, FarOut delivers outstanding performance and value.


  • Lightweight ripstop nylon construction
  • Small, medium and large cubes
  • Sturdy zippers and handles
  • Space-saving compression system


  • Priced higher than less durable models

Gautio Packing Cubes Review

Gautio’s value-focused 8-piece packing cube set keeps contents neatly organized on a budget. The polyester cubes resist water to protect clothes from spills and humidity.

The set contains three core cubes (small, medium, and large) plus accessory bags for shoes, toiletries, laundry and more. While zippers tend to be flimsier, the extremely affordable price point offsets this compromise.

With colour options from beige to baby blue, the cubes add a pop of colour to luggage interiors. The mesh top panels help identify contents. For those seeking basic affordable packing cubes, Gautio delivers satisfactory performance and value.


  • Extremely affordable price point
  • Water-resistant polyester
  • Variety of colour options
  • 90-day free replacement policy


  • Zippers prone to breaking

Plus1Life 5 Set Packing Cubes Review

Offering convenience for group travel and outdoor adventures, Plus1Life’s 5-piece packing cube set simplifies organizing luggage for the whole family. The nylon cubes maximize packing efficiency through adjustable sizing and specialized accessory bags.

The set includes three core cubes with adjustable capacity along with a shoe/laundry bag and drawstring pouch ideal for toiletries or dirty clothes isolation. Durable zippers withstand repeated use.

From camping duffels to family suitcases, these packing cubes optimize space while neatly separating everyone’s belongings. Plus1Life’s set allows hassle-free packing for vacations and weekends away.


  • Adjustable cubes maximize capacity
  • Includes shoe/laundry and drawstring bags
  • Durable zipper construction
  • Simplifies group packing needs


  • Lacks compression capability


The right packing cubes make travel preparations much smoother thanks to their organizational superpowers. Follow this buying guide’s tips to select cube quantities, sizes, materials and special features tailored to your common packing needs and travel style.

Give yourself the gift of hassle-free luggage prep and access to belongings on the move. Packing cubes deliver customized compartments to neatly separate clothing, footwear, accessories, tech and toiletries. Fitting everything into a carry-on is easy with compression cubes.

Say goodbye to messy suitcases and frantic searches for items. With our advice, finding and using packing cubes that upgrade your travel experience is easy. Just pack, stack, zip up your cubes and go explore the world stress-free. 

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