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Camping in the bush under the sparkling stars is a quintessentially Australian experience. To fully enjoy nights under the outback sky, invest in a quality swag to sleep in when adventuring in the great outdoors.  

With so many options, it can be challenging to find the ideal swag to suit your needs. This guide will walk through the key features to look for when buying a swag. We’ll explore the advantages of swags over tents and factors like weight, thickness, capacity, and durability.

Swag Tent Set Up in The Outback Best Swag Australia
Swag Tent Set Up in The Outback Best Swag Australia

Swags vs. Tents

The first decision is whether a swag or tent is better for your camping needs. What are the benefits of swags compared to tents?

Investing in top-quality camping swag provides several advantages over a tent for adventures in the bush. Swags are much more compact and lightweight than tents

This makes them easy to carry and ideal for bike camping trips. The ability to easily transport your swag lets you go further into remote areas and set up camp wherever suits you.

Another major benefit is how fast swags are set up. You can be settled in just minutes, leaving more time to explore the beautiful natural surroundings. 

Despite the smaller packed size, a good swag will still offer ample comfort and space. The best swags are designed to handle all weather conditions, from rain to winds, to keep you cozy.

Swag Weight and Materials

When looking for the best swag, pay attention to the weight and materials used in construction. Lighter swags in the 7-10kg range are preferable for hiking and motorcycle camping. 

Heavier models from 12-15kg offer more durability and weather protection. Ripstop polycotton canvas is a popular material, providing water resistance while remaining breathable. YKK zippers withstand frequent use. An aluminium frame is sturdy but packs down small.

Swag Capacity

Most swags are designed for one person, but double swags are available for couples. Measure the interior dimensions to ensure enough space. Taller campers may want an extra-long model. The mattress thickness also impacts comfort. 

Thinner mattresses around 40mm are more portable, while 70mm is luxuriously thick. Side openings allow easy access. Some swags have annexes for covered storage.

Swag Features

Key features that enhance comfort and convenience include mesh screens, rain flies, storage pockets, and vents. Mesh panels provide air circulation while keeping insects out. 

Rain flies, and storm flaps offer weather protection. Pockets store small essentials within reach. Vents allow adjustable airflow. An included sleeping mat, pegs, bag, and other accessories make your swag ready to go upon purchase.

With this guidance, you can zero in on the perfect swag for your outdoor adventures. Quality swag lets you comfortably sleep under the stars wherever your travels take you.

Selecting a Swag – Shapes and Styles

When reading reviews and comparing models, an important factor is the shape and style of the swag. Swags come in different designs that each have their own benefits. The best type of swag for you depends on your priorities – convenience versus interior space.

Dome Swags

One popular style is the dome swag, which gets its name from the dome tent shape. Like a small tent, these swags have a tunnel-like structure with curved walls and roofs. The tapered design makes them very stable and wind-resistant, which is ideal for exposed camping spots.

Dome swags are also straightforward and quick to set up. With clip or pole systems, you can have some swag pitched in just minutes. This convenience lets you set up rapidly so you can relax. The curved walls offer ample headroom at the peak while tapering down at the feet for warmth retention. Brands like Darche make high-quality dome swags.

Traditional Swags

In contrast to dome designs, traditional swags have more vertical walls and flatter roofs. Picture a small bedroom on the ground. The straight walls maximise the usable interior space, so you get more room to spread out inside. This style often has an old-school elegance.

On the downside, traditional swags may take a bit longer to erect since the walls don’t have the structural stability of the dome shape. And the lack of tapered walls reduces headspace compared to a dome. But they provide more overall living area once set up.

Custom Swags

Beyond basic dome and traditional designs, some brands offer customised options. You can select the size, fabric, poles, accessories, and more. While pricier, you get a swag tailored to your exact camping needs. Add a verandah for shade, extend the length for tall users, or increase the waterproof rating.

Other Considerations

Also, note whether a swag is free-standing or requires staking down. Freestanding models have poles that keep the structure upright without guide ropes. This allows flexible placement, but the tradeoff can be less stable.

Think about the entry design, too. Side openings are convenient, while end entries fit small spaces better. Multiple zippered openings improve ventilation. 

Choose a style based on your priorities, like weather protection or living space. With so many options, pick the swag shape that best enables your outdoor adventures.

Single Swags – Compact & Convenient Camping for One

Single swags provide a versatile and comfortable shelter solution for solo campers. As opposed to bulkier tents, swags pack down small for easy carrying while retaining ample interior space for one.

Single swags feature a tubular frame that deploys quickly to form an arched roof. A durable outer canvas pulls over the frame to create a cocoon-like enclosed space. The raised floor provides insulation from the ground while keeping out moisture.

Once inside, you can lie down flat or prop yourself up comfortably. The built-in foam or inflatable mattress cushions your body for sleep. Higher-end models often include a pillow. Swags range from budget-friendly to deluxe versions with thicker padding.

Single swags maintain an ambient temperature well. The tight canvas conserves your body heat on cold nights. But mesh panels allow airflow and prevent condensation in warmer weather. Just leave the window covers open to stargaze in bug-free comfort.

Swag and Tent
Swag and Tent

Easy to transport on hiking trips, single swags weigh around 8-12kg with pole assemblies and a mattress included. The cocoon design gives a sense of privacy and security in isolated camping spots.

While more spartan than a roomy car camping tent, single swags provide ample comfort and convenience for backcountry adventures. 

Unfurl, pop up the frame and crawl right into a ready-made shelter after a long day on the trail. Then, wake up recharged right in nature’s majesty.

So, for solo campers prioritising portability and fast setup over living space, a quality single swag delivers a perfect balance. Sleep soundly under the stars, knowing your compact home-away-from-home is always close by.

Double Swags – Spacious Camping for Two

For couples who love camping together, double swags provide a cozy and convenient option. Double swags are sized for two people, making them perfect for sleeping side-by-side under the stars.

Double swags give you all the benefits of a standard solo swag but with spacious room for two. Like regular swags, they feature a lightweight, weather-resistant canvas shell over a built-in mattress. 

But doubles are wider and longer to comfortably fit two adults. Most measure around 210-220 cm long by 140-160 cm wide.

This increased capacity allows you to sleep close to your partner, which is great for staying warm on cold nights. No need to squeeze together or sleep separately in two twin swags. 

The larger size does make double swags heavier at 15-25 kg. But they still pack down smaller than a two-person tent.

Double swags maintain the fast and simple setup of regular swags. Just unroll, pop up the frame, and stake down. High-quality doubles have a durable, rip-stop canvas to withstand years of use. Look for models with ample mesh ventilation to prevent condensation.

Having a bit of extra room also provides space for storing camping essentials inside. Some double swags even have built-in annexes or awnings for covered storage and lounging.

For motorcycle tours, off-road adventures, and romantic weekends under the stars, double swags deliver cozy comfort. 

Share beautiful views and private moments together without sacrificing the portability and convenience that makes swags so popular. A double swag lets you focus on the journey and being with your loved one, not setting up camp.

Best Double Swag Australia

Following are the best double swags with their reviews,  plus their pros and cons, that will help you find yourself the best one.  

Weisshorn Biker Swag

This double swag is perfect for couples who ride motorcycles. It is easy to carry and takes up little space. The strong canvas resists water, so you stay dry inside. Poles pop up easily to set up fast. Ventilation zippers let in fresh air. The floor keeps ground moisture out. It includes tent pegs and ropes.


  • Compact size for motorcycles
  • Water-resistant canvas
  • Fast and simple setup
  • Air vents for comfort


  • Thin 40mm mattress

Adventure Kings Big Daddy Deluxe Double Swag

Adventure Kings made this extra large double swag for tall people. It has lots of interior space to stretch out. The thick 70mm mattress ensures a good night’s sleep. Keep insects out with the mesh screen. PVC bucket floor and 400 gsm canvas prevent ground moisture and rain from getting inside. The fast setup uses clip loops instead of poles. Take it beach camping since the mesh stops sandflies.


  • Roomy interior
  • Thick comfortable mattress
  • Sandfly mesh screen
  • Waterproof floor and cover


  • Heavy and bulky for transport

Mountview Double Swag

This Mountview double swag works in any weather. Ripstop fabric and coated floor keep rain out. Mesh panels improve airflow while blocking insects. Fully open the panels for maximum ventilation. Thick poles and a 60mm mattress provide sturdy support and cushioning. The complete package includes inflatable pillows, pegs, ropes, and a carry bag. Pick from 4 color choices. Sets up fast and packs up small.


  • All-season and weatherproof
  • Good ventilation
  • Comfortable thick mattress
  • Includes 2 inflatable pillows


  • Smaller size than some doubles

Best Single Swag Australia

Following are the best single swags with their reviews, plus their pros and cons, that will help you find yourself the best one. 

Mountview King Single Swag

Mountview designed this roomy king-size swag for one person. The water-resistant canvas and thick PVC floor keep ground moisture out. Large mesh panels allow airflow and stargazing. A 60mm mattress cushions and insulates. The easy setup takes minutes. An inflatable pillow, pegs, ropes, and a carry bag are all included. Compact packed size for convenient transport.


  • King size for one sleeper
  • Water and wind-resistant
  • Air vents for ventilation
  • Includes inflatable pillow


  • Heavier than some singles

Darche Dusk to Dawn Swag

Darche makes high-quality swags like this single-dome model. The tapered walls and pole system provide stability in wind. Moisture stays out thanks to the welded bucket floor and waterproof canvas. The mesh keeps insects away while letting air flow. Large awnings offer extra weather protection. Two-way zippered entry makes access easy. Roomy pockets store gear. Set up fast with snap pole locks.


  • Dome shape for stability
  • Weatherproof floor and cover
  • Two-way entry with awnings
  • Quick assembly snap locks


  • Heavyweight

Darche Dirty Dee Swag 1100 CP

The Darche Dirty Dee is a roomy freestanding swag. It offers plenty of interior space to sit up and move around. Six large ventilation windows provide airflow on warm nights. Mesh screens keep insects out yet allow fresh air in. As a freestanding model, it provides comfort on all types of terrain. Made from durable ripstop cotton to withstand years of use. Comes with a foam mattress and storage bag.


  • Freestanding for added comfort
  • Spacious interior design
  • Lots of ventilation
  • Quality ripstop cotton material


  • The mattress is not the most comfortable

Darche Traditional Swag

This Darche king single swag has an adjustable pole and extra large flap for customisable comfort. The durable ripstop canvas resists water while remaining breathable. A full storm cover protects from rain and wind. One of the lightest swags around for easy transport. Does not come with a mesh screen, so better for colder weather camping. Includes a thick 70mm mattress for cushioning. Covered by Darche’s lifetime warranty.


  • Adjustable and lightweight
  • Water-resistant ripstop fabric
  • Storm cover for weather protection
  • Lifetime warranty


  • No mesh screen

WEISSHORN Swag Single Tent 

Blue Tent on a Grass
Blue Tent on a Grass

This affordable WEISSHORN swag is perfect for warm-weather camping. Roll back the top to reveal a mesh roof for stargazing and maximum ventilation. Water-resistant canvas and high floor keep rain out. Easy to set up and transport. Although the mattress is on the thin side, it’s great for smooth surfaces. Add a yoga mat for extra padding. A well-made, spacious swag at a budget-friendly price.


  • Mesh roof offers ventilation
  • Ripstop canvas resists water
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Budget-friendly cost


  • Thin mattress

Oztrail Mitchell Swag

Oztrail’s Mitchell dome swag has good airflow from mesh panels that keep insects out. The full-length opening and 60mm mattress ensure restful sleep. Use it year-round from tropical to cold climates. The optional centre pole enables setup without guide ropes. Robust design built to last for years. While not the thickest mattress, the Mitchell performs well. A high-quality Australian-made swag.


  • Dome style with lots of ventilation
  • All climate and weather use
  • Can pitch without guide ropes
  • Quality durable construction


  • The mattress is not very thick

Weisshorn Camping Swag

This Weisshorn king single swag comes complete with a pillow, bag, mattress, ropes, and pegs – everything you need. The four-season swag features a breathable inner layer and mesh to prevent condensation. 500gsm waterproof floor keeps ground moisture out. UV resistance offers sun protection. While the 40mm mattress is on the thinner side, the lightweight portability makes this a great camping swag.


  • Comes with complete accessories
  • Four-season and UV-resistant
  • Breathable and well-ventilated
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Thinner mattress


With so many excellent options now available, choosing the best swag in Australia comes down to matching specific models to your needs. Carefully consider the capacity, weight, durability, and features that matter most for your camping style. 

Focus on trusted brands known for quality craftsmanship and materials. Dome swags offer stability, while traditional styles provide more living space. Singles work perfectly for solo adventurers, with doubles ideal for couples. 

Invest in a swag that provides both portability and camping comfort. With the right swag, you’ll be equipped to sleep soundly under the stars no matter how far off the beaten track your adventures take you.

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