Winter sleeping bag inside tent

Winter Sleep Systems

Choosing a winter sleeping bag is even more critical in winter. Before you go out and buy the warmest sleeping bag you think you’ll need, there are some questions that should be answered. How important … Read more

Microspikes In Snow

Kahtoola MICROspikes Review

Kahtoola Microspikes are footwear traction devices mainly made for hiking, ice fishing and trail running.  They make hiking on icy surfaces a lot easier. To compare, if you are looking to walk the dog or … Read more

Hiker pulling pulk through snow to winter campsite

Sleds and Toboggans

Sleds and toboggans, commonly thought of recreational toys, were originally for hauling loads across winter landscapes. For thousands of years, sleds have been hauling wood, hides, game, and gear. Pulling a sled may seem like a … Read more

Layering system for winter hiking

Layering Systems

Winter layers systems are done on both the upper and lower body. When done right, a good layering system will keep you dry and warm. Let’s take a look in further detail on how to … Read more

How to be safe winter hiking

Winter Hiking Safety

Winter is an extra dangerous time for winter hiking. Extra caution must be taken from the very beginning of the planning stages, to gear selection, to bringing the right gear, and being extra careful when … Read more

Snowshoe for beginners

Snowshoe for Beginners

I remember my first time snowshoeing and having the same questions as you, “how do I snowshoe?”, “what size snowshoes do I need?”, “do I need special boots for snowshoeing?” And what I found is … Read more