Hiking in running shoes

Can You Hike in Running Shoes?

Hiking in running shoes, how bad can it be? I get why someone might wonder if it’s okay to go hiking in running shoes or even hike in every day sneakers. Maybe you don’t hike … Read more

Hiking in Timberland boots

Are Timberlands Good for Hiking? (It Depends)

Timberland is the most iconic work style boot today. The easily recognizable yellow leather boot was first introduced in 1973 and is still quite popular. Originally built to “cope with the hard, wet, snowbound winters … Read more

Do Hiking Boots Work in Snow

Do Hiking Boots Work in Snow?

So you have some great hiking boots that work in the summer, but you are wondering if they can work in the snow. Well, it’s pretty simple, but there are a few things you want … Read more

Three men backcountry skiing with climbing skins in the mountains

The Definitive Guide to Climbing Skins

First, what are ski skins? Ski skins, also called climbing skins, are long pieces of nylon or mohair that attach to the bottom of skis. Once upon a time, they were actually made from seal … Read more