Setting up winter campsite

Setting up a Winter Campsite

Setting up a winter campsite can be a fun process. But, before you do set up camp, you want to make sure you have found a good winter campsite location. After you found a good … Read more

Winter camping stove in snow

Winter Camping Stoves

Even if you will be cooking by a campfire, bringing a camping stove for winter trips is a good idea. During storms or ugly weather, you can stay nice and warm inside your tent and … Read more

How to find the right winter campsite

Choosing a Winter Campsite

Finding a winter campsite can take some time. Keep in mind that days are shorter in winter, so choosing a campsite ideally should be done early enough so you can find a site and also … Read more

Sawing in snow

Snow Saws – A Complete Guide

Snow saws were are a piece of equipment I didn’t know existed until I really started learning more about camping in the snow. A snow saw is not something most people carry unless they have … Read more

Hiking in the snow with backpack- large

On the Trail

Winter hiking takes some additional skill and navigation. You’ll have to carry more gear, regulate body temperature, and pay extra careful to the trail. There are also other dangers such as ice and hypothermia. This … Read more

Winter sleeping bag inside tent

Winter Sleep Systems

Choosing a winter sleeping bag is even more critical in winter. Before you go out and buy the warmest sleeping bag you think you’ll need, there are some questions that should be answered. How important … Read more

Microspikes In Snow

Kahtoola MICROspikes Review

Kahtoola Microspikes are footwear traction devices mainly made for hiking, ice fishing and trail running.  They make hiking on icy surfaces a lot easier. To compare, if you are looking to walk the dog or … Read more