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WindTAMER Camp Stove Companion Review


Recently, I had the chance to be one of the first people to review the WindTamer. The WinderTamer Camp Stove Companion is a new product I’ve never seen before. It’s a covering for your camp stove that allows you to protect against the wind and rain, cook, organize your kitchen, and save fuel all at the same time. Let me show you exactly what I mean.

When reading this review, keep in mind that improvements are already underway. I assume this product will only get better and better.

For this review, I used the Coleman 2 Burner Campstove, which I highly recommend. It’s a very good stove for the price. Be sure to check it out on Amazon.

What is the WindTAMER Camp Stove Companion?

At first glance, the WindTamer Camp Stove Companion seems simple – a weatherproof cover for your stove. But calling this clever invention a camp stove cover or even a weather protector doesn’t even scratch the surface. While the WindTamer does protect your stove from the wind, rain, and snow, it’s much more than that.

Weather Protection

Wind, rain, and snow are no problem for the WindTamer

The primary function is indeed to protect your stove from the elements. If you’re camping in a windy area or it’s raining, you can still cook outside. While it wasn’t raining when I tested the cover material, I did pour some water on it. The water immediately beaded off and nothing got through. While I can’t say how waterproof the WindTamer is, it’s probably good enough. And by good enough, I mean you most likely won’t be cooking in a torrential downpour.

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Fuel Savings

Cooking inside the WindTamer, fully closed

The second function of the WindTamer is to save fuel. The WindTamer closes up with velcro attachments, keeping the heat inside. I have not compared fuel savings, but the manufacturer claims to save an impressive 25% on propane:

From our experience propane fuel use is 25% or less using WindTamer Camp Stove Companion

And while I wondered if the fabric could withstand high temperatures, I discovered the fabric was made from a material called Nomex. I’ve never heard of Nomex before, but it has some really cool properties.

Nomex, which is the fabric the WindTamer is made from, is a material used among firefighters, racecar drivers, and even military pilots. It can stand up to 700F temperatures. Nomex is also resistant to many chemicals and has a higher resistance to beta and gamma radiation. So yes, this is one material you don’t have to worry about. Oh, and it is machine washable.

Warming Shelf

Warming shelf keeps your meals warm

When you set up the WindTamer, you have the option of installing a warming shelf. This is really awesome. The warming shelf is a shelf that hangs above the stove to keep dishes and meals warm while you continue to cook. If you are cooking in multiple pans, you can leave a pan on the warming shelf. You can also keep plates warm too.

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Kitchen Organization

WindTamer storage pockets
Stay organized with storage pockets

This next feature I was actually more excited about than the fuel savings. The stove cover comes with a lot of pockets and straps to keep your kitchen organized. One problem I have when I cook meals camping is that tongs, utensils, and spices are all over the place and I forget where I put them. With the WindTamer, you can keep your spices and utensils on the side, so they are always close and secure.

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Setting up the WindTamer

Setting up the WindTamer is fairly quick and easy. It did take me a bit the first time to figure out, partly because the cover had gotten twisted. One thing I didn’t like was that the assembly instructions were online. My advice would be to know how to set up the WindTamer before you go off the grid to use it.

Large storage bag to store everything

Before you get set up, everything is kept in the big storage bag. It’s not heavy and you can even carry your stove and fuel inside the bag at the same time. Although it’s wide, it’s fairly thin. The shoulder strap is durable and easy to use.

There are a few parts you need to assemble when setting up the WindTamer.

Straps attach to the table for extra wind protection

First, you place the base down. One feature that I thought was genius was that the base comes with a strap to strap itself down to the table. This helps secure the cover against strong winds and prevents it from moving during assembly. When you are adding the frame and attaching buttons, the base won’t move away from you.

Frame slides into the holes of the base

Once the base is set up, you assemble the frames. Two parts of the frames attach into holes of the base and are later connected with a ridge pole going across. Everything snaps into place. Then, you snap the buttons to connect the cover to the base.

Warming tray hangs from the top

While you don’t need to add the warming tray, it’s a nice feature to have. Attach the two hangers and hang the try from them.

Assembly is easy, but one thing I didn’t like was that the metal sheets seems sharp. I was often worried I would cut myself. As the product improves, I hope this to be one issue that is fixed.


Currently, the WindTamer retails for $130. The price did surprise me until I found out why. The Nomex material isn’t cheap, which is the main reason for the cost. It’s worth mentioning too that everything is made in the USA using 100% USA materials.


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Overall Thoughts

The WindTamer I tested was an earlier model and I look forward to improvements. Some things I hope to be improved are the metal edges and the sides. If you aren’t a frequent camper, it would be hard to justify such a purchase. But if you’re the type of person who likes to camp a few times or more per year, especially in big groups, then I think the WindTamer is a great companion to have.

Interested in the WindTamer? Check it out on the Official WindTamer Website.

By the way, I also wrote a review on Ozark Trail 2 Burner Camp Stove.


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