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Getting the best car fridge can completely transform road trips, camping adventures, and days out fishing or at the beach. 

Having cold drinks, ice cream, meat, and perishables on demand is a total game changer. A good car fridge or freezer means no more cooler bags filled with lukewarm water!

With so many types, sizes, features, and brands of car fridge freezer combos on the market, it can be tricky to know where to start when choosing one.  

Best Car Fridge
Best Car Fridge

How to Choose the Best Car Fridge

This buying guide will walk through everything you need to think about when picking the perfect car fridge for your needs and budget.

Types of Car Fridge Freezers

The first decision to make is what type of car fridge you need. The shape and style you choose impact factors like space efficiency, ease of access, cleaning, and price. Here are the main types of car fridge freezers:

Chest Car Fridge Freezers

Chest car fridge freezers have a classic square chest or box shape that opens upwards on a hinge. They tend to be the most budget-friendly type of car fridge freezer. 

Without fans circulating air, the temperatures can fluctuate more than other models. But chest freezers are efficient and effective and don’t take up precious floor space.

Upright Car Fridge Freezers

As the name suggests, upright car fridges open like a cupboard or mini refrigerator. More expensive than chest freezers, uprights come in a variety of stylish finishes like stainless steel. 

The doors tend to be thinner, compromising insulation slightly. Uprights take up more floor space but provide convenient shelf storage.

Car Drawer Fridge Freezers

Ideal for storage in a car boot, drawer fridge freezers slide open like a drawer. A board covers them while driving. 

Drawers provide easy access right to the back without digging around, and auto defrosting makes cleaning simpler. Drawers cost more, but their convenience makes them worth it.

Car Console/Seat Fridge Freezers

For easy access to drinks and snacks on the go, compact console fridges fit between car seats or in the center console. The size limits storage but makes grabbing food and drinks a breeze. Console fridges work best for drinks, snacks, and short trips.

Size and Capacity

Considering freezer capacity is crucial when picking the best car fridge. Capacity impacts the power consumption, weight, longevity of freezing, and number of people served. Here’s a quick guide to capacities:

  • Less than 35L – The smallest car freezers act more as coolers for medicines or very short trips with limited food.
  • 35-45L – Small car freezers keep food safe for 1 person for a week or 2 people for a weekend.
  • 45-50L _ Mid-sized units store food for 2-3 people on a long weekend.
  • 50-60L – Large car freezers work for 4-5 people on a weekend or 2 people for a full week.
  • 60-65L – Extra-large heavy-duty car freezers fit food for 5 people for a week. Big and power-hungry.
  • Over 65L – Massive freezers for big groups on long trips. Hard to fit in vehicles and very power-draining.


Look at whether your car fridge freezer has separate compartments, adjustable dividers or removable baskets. This helps organize different food types like meat, dairy and produce to prevent cross-contamination. Some people prefer one large compartment for flexibility.


Fridges should maintain 2-4°C to safely chill food without freezing it. Freezer compartments need to reach -18°C or lower to fully freeze food. Digital temperature displays and controls let you customize the temperature as needed.

Power Usage

Car fridge freezers drain your car battery when running. Compact 12V models designed for cars draw about 4.5A. Larger dual-voltage units can run off your car’s 12V system or mains power when stationary, like while camping. Check the power usage to suit your vehicle.

Weight and Portability

Car fridge freezer weight varies hugely, from under 10kg for mini units up to 40kg for the largest models. Consider the weight plus whether the fridge has handles, wheels or sliding drawers to make moving it easy. You want portability without compromising on capacity.

Extra Features

Additional features that come in handy include:

  • Drainage plug – Makes defrosting and cleaning easier by draining water out.
  • Baskets/dividers – Help organize different foods and drinks.
  • Interior light – Helps find items at night.
  • Digital display – Allows you to precisely monitor and adjust temperature.
  • Wheels/handles – Improves portability and ease of use.
  • USB charging – You can charge devices if you have a spare battery but draw fridge power.

Best Car Fridge Reviews

Following are the top car fridges with their reviews and their pros and cons. Read out these reviews, they will help you decide on the features you like and ultimately the best fridge that will suffice all your needs. 

Advwin 20L Portable Fridge/Freezer 

The Advwin 20L Portable Fridge/Freezer offers versatile temperature control for food, drinks, and more. Compact yet mighty, it’s ideal for road trips and camping.

This top-loading unit provides 20 liters of flexible storage space. You can use it as either a freezer down to -25°C or a refrigerator up to +20°C for drinks, produce, medication, and more. The adjustable LED makes setting the temp easy. 

It powers via a standard wall outlet or DC car plug. An eco mode conserves energy once the desired temp is reached. The only limitation is you can’t run it as both fridge and freezer together. 

But for a compact unit, the Advwin 20L model works great for chilling food and beverages in small spaces like cars, boats, and dorms.


  • 20L capacity in a compact size
  • Temperature range of -25°C to +20°C
  • Can refrigerate or freeze
  • Runs on 12/24V DC or 100-240V AC
  • Eco mode saves power
  • Easy LED control panel


  • Can’t operate as fridge and freezer simultaneously
  • Smaller capacity than some models

Kolner 40L Fridge/Freezer

The Kolner 40L Fridge/Freezer offers ample capacity with the ability to refrigerate and freeze simultaneously. Convenient features make it ideal for road trips and camping.

This two-in-one fridge and freezer provide flexible 40 litres of chilled or frozen storage. The wide temperature range lets you refrigerate drinks and produce while freezing ice cream and meat simultaneously. 

The built-in trolley and handles offer easy portability. Interior LED lighting makes finding items easy. Best of all, the efficient compressor keeps contents properly chilled in hot weather. 

If you need lots of capacity for perishables on road trips or camping excursions, the Kolner 40L is up to the task. Just account for its hefty weight when transporting.

Portable Car Refrigerator
Portable Car Refrigerator


  • Generous 40L capacity
  • Simultaneous fridge/freezer capability
  • Temperature range of -18°C to +10°C
  • Runs on 12/24V DC or 240V AC
  • Included trolley for portability
  • Interior blue light for visibility


  • Significant weight at 33 kg

Alpicool C15 15L Portable Refrigerator

The Alpicool C15 packs versatile refrigeration into a super portable 15-litre capacity. Convenient and lightweight, it’s ideal for road trips, dorms and camping.

Despite its compact 15-litre capacity, this fridge can hold up to 20 cans while chilling contents to below freezing if needed. It plugs into any car or wall outlet for power on the go. Smart battery protection prevents accidentally draining your car battery. 

Estimated at just 8.6 kg, the durable Alpicool C15 won’t weigh you down. For singles or couples needing an ultra-portable fridge for vehicles and tight spaces, it offers efficient and effective chilling in a super packable package. Just note the limitation of either freezing or refrigerating – not both.


  • Just 15L but holds 20 cans
  • Cools contents in 30 minutes
  • Temperature range of -20°C to +20°C
  • Runs on 12/24V DC or 110-240V AC
  • Protects car battery from draining
  • Durable handles and lightweight


  • Cannot simultaneously refrigerate and freeze

Dometic CFX3 75DZ Dual Zone Fridge/Freezer

The Dometic CFX3 75DZ provides a spacious 75 liters of flexible refrigeration and freezing for extended adventures. Convenient features like app control make it versatile and user-friendly.

This dual-zone model boasts a cavernous 75 liters of capacity. The two compartments allow simultaneous refrigerator and freezer use – perfect for lengthy trips. 

It can run off any wall outlet or car cigarette lighter. The app lets you control and monitor the fridge/freezer from your phone. A USB port even charges devices. 

While bulky, its stellar temperature range and high-tech control offer exceptional performance for overlanders and van campers needing serious chilling power.


  • Generous 75L capacity
  • Split zones allow fridge & freezer use
  • Huge temperature range of -22°C to +10°C
  • Operates on 12/24V DC or AC
  • App monitoring and control
  • USB port for device charging


  • Heavy at almost 28 kg

Adventure Kings 45L Fridge/Freezer

The Adventure Kings 45L Fridge/Freezer delivers reliable chilling and freezing for extended trips off-grid. The efficient compressor keeps contents properly chilled even in hot conditions.

This Adventure Kings model provides ample 45L capacity for chilling and freezing food and drinks. Thick rubber seals and insulation maintain interior temps even in hot weather. It can run off household or car power. 

The convenient cover slips off for access while protecting the unit. Integrated handles make moving it around simple. With its extreme temperature range and power efficiency, this fridge/freezer keeps contents chilled off-grid for extended periods despite the weight.


  • 45 litres capacity
  • Freezing down to -18°C
  • Operates on 12/24V DC or 240V AC
  • Thick insulation for temperature retention
  • Protective cover with storage pockets
  • Foldable handles for transport


  • Significant 17.8 kg weight

Engel MT-V 40L Fridge/Freezer

The Engel MT-V 40L Fridge/Freezer provides versatile chilling and freezing in a durable, portable unit. Reliable Engel quality comes at an affordable price point with this model.

This Engel unit provides ample 40-litres of chilled or frozen storage. The easy digital controls let you set it precisely for refrigeration or freezing as needed. Once closed, the interior light automatically shuts off to conserve power. 

The durable steel casing and locking latch keep contents secure in transit. While you can’t use it as both fridge and freezer at once, this versatile unit meets most chilling needs at an affordable Engel price point. The 5-year warranty provides peace of mind too.


  • Generous 40-liter capacity
  • Operates as fridge or freezer
  • Digital controls for simple temp setting
  • Automatic interior LED light
  • Sturdy metallic casing with lock
  • Runs on 12/24V DC or 240V AC


  • Cannot simultaneously refrigerate and freeze

ARB 10802442 44.5L Fridge/Freezer

The ARB 44.5L Fridge/Freezer combines extreme chilling performance with handy tech features like phone app control. Though heavy, it has the power to keep contents frosty off-grid.

This ARB freezer can chill down to a frigid -22°C to keep items solidly frozen. Bluetooth connectivity allows monitoring of the fridge via your phone. 

The unit charges devices through a USB port. Sturdy steel construction and built-in tie-down points keep it secure. The lockable lid ensures your food stays safely inside. 

Though heavy, the extreme cold capability and handy tech features make this ARB fridge/freezer ideal for off-grid overlanding adventures.


  • Generous 44.5-liter capacity
  • Bluetooth app for remote monitoring
  • Super chilling down to -22°C
  • Low-draw LED interior light
  • USB port for device charging
  • Heavy-duty steel casing


  • Heavier than comparable models at 29.5 kg

AstroAI 22L Portable Refrigerator

The AstroAI 22L Portable Refrigerator combines extreme efficiency with rapid cooling using minimal power. Great for off-grid chilling in small spaces.

This AstroAI fridge/freezer can chill to sub-zero temps in only 15 minutes – one of the fastest cooling times. An eco mode restricts energy draw to only 1kWh when relying on a car or solar power. Despite the small 22L capacity, it packs premium performance. 

The unit operates quietly while chilling or freezing contents evenly. For portable off-grid refrigeration, the AstroAI 22L unit delivers efficient and effective temperature control. The price tag is higher than average, but the features and power justify the cost.


  • Just 15 minutes to reach freezing
  • Ultra-efficient eco mode uses 1kWh
  • Functions as fridge or freezer
  • Quiet performance
  • Includes ice cube tray
  • Charging port for devices


  • Higher price than comparable models

National Luna 50L Fridge/Freezer

With a generous capacity and an extreme temperature range, the National Luna 50L Fridge/Freezer reliably chills food and beverages even in hot conditions.

This National Luna model offers an expansive 50 liters for chilling and freezing everything you need on long excursions off-grid. It maintains interior temps even in hot weather thanks to 6cm insulation and cooling plates. 

The locking steel lid ensures contents stay safely inside when bouncing over rough terrain. While heavy and pricey, this fridge/freezer reliably meets the demands of overlanders, RVers and remote worksites.


  • 50 litres capacity meets extended trip needs
  • Cools down to -18°C for freezing
  • Powered by 12/24V DC or AC
  • LED lighting for visibility
  • The locking latch keeps the lid secure
  • 8-year compressor warranty


  • Heavy unit at almost 25 kg
  • Expensive price point

Brass Monkey 42L Solar Portable Fridge/Freezer

Portable Car Fridge
Portable Car Fridge

The Brass Monkey 42L Portable Fridge/Freezer chills efficiently using multiple power sources, including optional solar. Convenient tech and easy transport make it ideal for off-grid use.

This Brass Monkey unit provides 42 liters of refrigeration and freezing (-20°C) using various power sources. Built-in wheels and handles allow easy transport to your campsite or worksite. 

Despite its large capacity, it weighs just 14.7 kg. Bluetooth controls let you monitor temps from your phone. Add the solar panel to go completely off-grid. 

Affordably priced and backed by a 3-year warranty, this portable fridge/freezer offers versatile chilling power anywhere the sun shines.


  • Capacious 42-litre capacity
  • Cools down to -20°C for freezing
  • Operates on 12/24V DC, AC, or optional solar
  • Bluetooth app for monitoring/control
  • Wheeled with handles for mobility
  • Lightweight at just 14.7 kg
  • 3-year warranty


  • The lid can be tricky to open at times


Getting the right car fridge freezer can take your adventures like camping, fishing, and road trips to the next level. No more warm sodas and questionable refrigerated food! 

Use this guide’s tips to pick the perfect size, type, features, and brand of car fridge freezer for your vehicle and travel crew. With the wide range of models on the market, there’s a car fridge out there for every budget and need. 

We have discussed almost all the best car fridges, with their pros and cons, You can easily find yourself the best car fridge by using this guide. Stay cool!

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