How to poop in the snow when hiking

How to Poop in the Woods… in Winter

If you’re in the woods for more than a day, chances are you’ll need to know the business of doing your business, that is, knowing how to poop in the woods. All crappy jokes aside, … Read more

Different kinds of snowshoes

How to Pick the Right Snowshoes

Though many people enjoy hiking during the warmer months, there seems to be a precipitous drop-off as soon as winter arrives. One of the main reasons for that is snow; while it might be easy … Read more

Hiking in the snow with backpack- large

On the Trail

Winter hiking takes some additional skill and navigation. You’ll have to carry more gear, regulate body temperature, and pay extra careful to the trail. There are also other dangers such as ice and hypothermia. This … Read more

How to be safe winter hiking

14 Tips For Safe Hiking This Winter

Winter is an extra dangerous time for hiking. You must take extra caution from the very beginning of the planning stages, to gear selection, to bringing the right gear, and being extra careful when out on the trail.