Best Camp Ovens

Best Camp Ovens Review

A quality camp oven unlocks the possibility of hearty, home-cooked meals while adventuring off-grid. When standard camp cooking gear falls short, a camp oven’s versatility bridges the divide between home kitchen and campsite.

Camp ovens perform well-loved one-pot dishes like stews, chilli, roasted meat, and cobblers that feed a crowd. All while requiring minimal prep work that suits the outdoors. Materials like cast iron and carbon steel excel at even heating, whether baking biscuits or frying eggs.

Choosing the right oven comes down to size, materials, accessories, and intended use. Smaller ovens suit solo hikers, while larger Dutch ovens feed groups. They are going enamel-coated skips seasoning, while cast iron rewards care with decades of use.

As with all gear, portability competes against performance – but well-designed camp ovens strike an ideal balance. By dialling in your priorities and needs, choosing a camp oven that’s a perfect fit becomes straightforward. Soon, you’ll be serving up epic camp feasts for crew and family, just like cooking at home!

Dutch Oven Best Camp Ovens
Dutch Oven Best Camp Ovens

How to Choose the Best Camp Ovens

Following are the points that you should consider before buying the camp ovens. The points such as size, capacity, material nature, construction of the ovens, and the size of the ovens will help you find the best oven in the market that will suffice all your needs. 

Size and Capacity

One of the first decisions is picking an oven size with a capacity that suits your typical group numbers:

  • Small – 1-3 litres for individuals or couples
  • Medium – 4-6 liters for 2-4 people
  • Large – 8+ litres for big groups of 6+

If mostly car camping, larger ovens allow big-batch cooking. Backpackers should size down. Also, determine if you’ll use multiple ovens or need just one larger model.

Consider the oven’s shape as well. Taller pots do better with liquids, while wide ovens accommodate roasts and multiple dishes.

Materials and Construction

Camp oven materials markedly impact performance, longevity, and maintenance:

Cast Iron – The classic material requires seasoning but offers unparalleled heating performance. Durable yet heavy.

Enameled Cast Iron – No-fuss alternative to raw cast iron. Heats evenly but costs more and can chip.

Stainless Steel – Lower weight than cast iron but doesn’t retain heat as efficiently. No seasoning is required.

Carbon/Spun Steel – Hardwearing steel construction is still lighter than cast iron. Heats quickly and evenly.

Evaluate your ability to transport weight since cast iron runs heavy. Also, consider nickel-plated ovens for corrosion resistance.

Types of ovens

Following are the two types of ovens. You can choose which one of the following meets your demands better.  

Dutch Oven vs. Standard Camp Oven

Dutch ovens have short legs, allowing the oven to sit right over a bed of coals for surround heating. Standard ovens sit flat.

Dutch oven legs provide better airflow and proximity to heat. Some Dutch oven lids double as a skillet when flipped over.

Standard ovens work fine when suspended on racks or placed on grills/stoves. Flat-bottom models offer more flexibility in how you use them.

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Seasoning and Maintenance

Proper seasoning provides natural, non-stick properties and prevents food from taking on a metallic flavor. Here’s how to season cast iron & carbon steel ovens:

  1. Wash with soap and water to remove residue. Dry completely.
  2. Coat all surfaces with high-smoke point oil/fat. Avoid flaxseed or olive oil.
  3. Bake upside-down at 450°F for 1 hour. Alternatively, heat the empty oven over a fire until smoking stops.
  4. Let cool fully. Repeat the process 2-3 times for optimal seasoning.

For best results, avoid soap on seasoned ovens – just use hot water. Re-season occasionally when performance declines. Enameled and stainless steel ovens don’t require seasoning.

Useful Accessories

Accessories tailor camp ovens to particular meals and cooking styles:

  • Lid Lifter – Removes hot lids safely when no handles present
  • Flexible Oven Rack – Suspends contents above the bottom; aids airflow
  • Thermometer – Monitors internal temps without lifting the lid
  • Tongs – For grabbing and flipping oven contents
  • Camp Grill – Positions oven at ideal height over the fire
  • Carry Bag – Protects oven during transport
  • Cookbook – Educes oven techniques and camp recipe ideas

Many ovens include useful accessories, though specialty gear merits purchasing separately. Building your cooking arsenal enhances camp oven strengths.

Other Oven Features

There are some other oven features that you should keep in mind:

  • Pre-seasoned – Saves time otherwise spent seasoning a new oven
  • Reversible lid – Doubles as skillet when flipped over
  • Pouring lips – Aid messy campsite gravy distribution
  • Nesting design – Smaller ovens stack into larger ones to consolidate space
  • Hinged lid – Allows convenient basting and moisture control
  • Grate/trivet tray – Allows use of oven as direct tabletop serving dish

Consider bonus features that fit your cooking and cleaning preferences. More options never hurt!

Best Camp Ovens Reviews

Following are the top 10 best Camp Ovens with their reviews, and their pros and cons, Read through the following information to buy the best one for yourself. With so many options in the market, it gets very difficult to choose one. That is why we have reviewed the top ones for you so it is easier for you to choose the best Camp Ovens according to your demands. 

Campfire Pioneer Camp Oven Set

Offering versatile cooking in a compact size, the Campfire Pioneer camp oven set provides 4.3 liters of capacity in a portable cast iron design. Its flip-over lid doubles as a handy skillet for frying foods.

Made from heavy-duty, pre-seasoned cast iron, the Pioneer oven distributes heat evenly for baking, braising, grilling, and more. Its steam vent prevents dangerous steam burns when lifting the lid. Convenient handles allow safe shifting around the fire.

Weighing 7.3 kg, this oven set fits meals for 2-4 people. Included accessories like leather gloves and a storage bag add value. For car camping or short backpacking trips, the Campfire Pioneer offers quality construction and multipurpose cooking.

Camp Oven Outdoors
Camp Oven Outdoors


  • The lid converts to a skillet
  • Pre-seasoned cast iron
  • Stay-cool handle and steam vent


  • Smaller capacity for groups

Campfire 9Q Cast Iron Camp Oven

With an 8.5 litre capacity, Campfire’s 9Q oven serves groups of 4-6 with its spacious interior and signature even heating. The heavy-duty cast iron construction reliably retains and conducts heat.

The deep design allows for cooking larger roasts, stews, and batches of cobbler. A fitted lid stores conveniently underneath when flipped over. The included steamer rack optimises cooking versatility.

Sturdy legs provide stability in the campfire while keeping air flowing for uniform heating. Weighing 9.4 kg, the 9Q oven isn’t lightweight but manages bulk well with its integrated handle. An easy-access steam vent prevents interior condensation buildup.


  • Large 8.5-liter capacity
  • Cast iron evenly distributes heat
  • Removable steamer rack


  • Heavy at 9.4 kg

Campfire Cast Iron 8L Potjie Pot

Uniquely designed with short legs, Campfire’s 8-litre potjie pot takes inspiration from traditional South African cookware. The legs allow heat to circulate fully under the pot for even cooking.

The heavy cast iron construction provides superior heat retention and distribution. Once pre-heated, the potjie pot excels at slow-cooking stews, curries, bread, and more.

Two sturdy handles attached to the lid and body make transporting the hefty pot manageable. Weighing 12 kg, it’s not a lightweight option but provides longevity over cheaper materials.

For large-batch cooking at the campsite or cabin, the Campfire potjie pot serves groups while delivering authentic flavour. The pre-seasoned interior prevents sticking as long as properly maintained.


  • Traditional potjie design
  • Cast iron retains and distributes heat
  • Large 8-litre capacity


  • Heavy at 12 kg

Ranger Nick Premium Cast Iron Camp Oven

Compact yet mighty, the Ranger Nick Premium camp oven crams excellent cooking performance into a portable 1.9-litre capacity. Its small size is perfect for solo hikers or motorcycle trips.

The cast iron construction distributes heat evenly, whether baking bread or frying eggs. The snug-fitting lid does double duty as a skillet when flipped. Legs on both pieces prevent tipping when placed over the fire.

A vented lid allows heat and steam control while cooking. The coiled handle resists heating for safe handling. Weighing just 5 kg, the Ranger Nick oven travels easily and serves individual meals efficiently. The pre-seasoning provides natural non-stick properties.


  • Just 1.9 litres – ideal for individuals
  • The lid works as a skillet
  • Pre-seasoned cast iron construction


  • Too small for larger groups

Camp Maid 8″ Cast Iron Dutch Oven

For compact, lightweight camp cooking, Camp Maid’s 8-inch Dutch oven offers premium performance in a small package. Weighing just 3.5 kg, its 1.9-litre capacity handles solo meals or side dishes.

The pre-seasoned cast iron evenly distributes heat for frying, baking, simmering, or roasting over the fire. A tight-fitting lid traps moisture and heat. The coiled handle resists heating while moving the oven.

While on the pricier end, the smaller Camp Maid Dutch oven provides versatility and portability, ideal for single hikers and backpackers. The Premium cast iron requires some maintenance but rewards with delicious off-grid cooking when size and weight are key.


  • Light and compact at 3.5 kg
  • Pre-seasoned cast iron
  • Lid for moisture retention


  • Less space than larger ovens

Southern Metal Spinners 10” Bedourie Camp Oven

Made from lightweight spun steel, the Southern Metal Spinners 10” Bedourie camp oven offers a versatile cooking vessel without the heft of cast iron. Its 9-litre capacity serves 2-4 campers.

The carbon steel construction evenly distributes and retains heat, whether baking biscuits or braising meat. A snug lid completely encloses the oven body to lock in moisture. The material also cools down rapidly after cooking.

Weighing just 2.5 kg, the Bedourie oven is effortless to transport. The detachable handle simplifies packing down. The spun steel requires no seasoning, unlike cast iron models.

For camp cooking without bulk, the Southern Metal Spinners oven provides efficient performance. The enclosed design prevents ash from entering while the tight-fitting lid holds in heat. An excellent balance of functionality and portability.


  • Lightweight at only 2.5 kg
  • Quick-cooling carbon steel
  • Detachable handle for packing


  • No included accessories

Camp Chef DO10 Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Camp Chef’s versatile DO10 Dutch oven performs cooking tasks from frying to baking with its dual-purpose lid design. Made from premium pre-seasoned cast iron, the 5.7-litre capacity serves 4-6 campers.

The lid conveniently stows by flipping the underside and acts as a griddle for cooking over the fire. Legs keep the makeshift skillet elevated off coals. The cast iron evenly retains and conducts heat while the snug lid locks in moisture.

The built-in thermometer notch allows checking temps without lifting the lid. An ergonomic handle affixed to the oven body simplifies transport. Weighing 7.7 kg, the DO10 splits the difference between bulk and portability.

For car camping and base camping, Camp Chef’s Dutch oven provides versatile one-pot cooking. With some care, the pre-seasoned cast iron will deliver delicious campfire meals for years.


  • The lid works as a freestanding skillet
  • Cast iron retains and distributes heat evenly
  • Built-in thermometer notch


  • A bit heavy at 7.7 kg

Camp Chef DO12 Cast Iron Dutch Oven

A Dutch Oven on The Fire
A Dutch Oven on The Fire

With an over 8 litre capacity, Camp Chef’s DO12 Dutch oven can feed large groups through its superior heat distribution and retention. The pre-seasoned cast iron makes it ready to cook right away.

The deep shape excels at one-pot dishes like chilli, stew, and cobbler. A vented lid improves airflow. The fine, porous cooking surface provides even heating, whether baking cornbread or simmering soup.

The lid conveniently stows by flipping over for use as a griddle or skillet. An integrated thermometer notch allows temperature checks without lifting the lid. At 10.9 kg, the DO12 is a heavyweight but worth its bulk.

For feeding crowds at the campsite, tailgate, or cabin, this high-volume Dutch oven keeps pace thanks to premium materials and time-tested design. The right tool for large-batch campfire cooking.


  • Large 8.8-litre cooking capacity
  • The lid works as a freestanding skillet
  • Thermometer notch checks temps


  • Heavy at nearly 11 kg

Lodge 5 Quart Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Bringing versatility to camp cooking, Lodge’s 5-quart Dutch oven provides ample capacity for small groups in a portable package. The pre-seasoned cast iron comes ready to use out of the box.

Weighing under 6 kg, the Lodge Dutch oven evenly distributes and retains heat for consistent baking, frying, or braising. A tight-fitting domed lid locks in moisture and flavour. The coiled steel handle offers a safe grip when moving it.

The cast iron construction requires some care and maintenance but rewards with decades of use. Providing the signature cooking of Dutch ovens in a lighter package, this Lodge model proves perfect for cooks on the go.


  • Pre-seasoned cast iron
  • Large enough for small groups
  • The lid retains heat and moisture


  • Pre-seasoning could be better

Dr Livingstones Bedourie Camp Oven

The Dr Livingstones Bedourie camp oven puts a lightweight spin on traditional camp ovens with its carbon steel construction. At just 2.7 kg, it’s easy to transport without compromising durability.

The 25 cm oven evenly distributes and retains heat for baking, searing, or simmering. A tight-fitting lid traps moisture while the material cools down swiftly after cooking. The lid also multitasks as a skillet.

Cleaning the carbon steel oven proves simple after use. Since it’s not cast iron, no special seasoning is required either. The oven’s 6.5-litre capacity works well for small groups seeking a quality portable cooking solution.


  • Durable yet lightweight carbon steel
  • Heats and cools down quickly
  • The lid doubles as a skillet


  • No built-in thermometer


A camp oven opens up the amazing doorway to hearty, home-inspired cooking, regardless of being off-grid. Given the variety of sizes, materials, designs, and features available, dialling in an option that suits your typical group size and camping style becomes easy.

Being realistic about your ability to transport bulkier cast iron models is important, as is factoring in maintenance requirements. But for willing camp chefs, proper camp ovens deliver a lifetime of meal memories made outdoors.

Also, we have reviewed the top Camp Ovens for you. After reading them, you will be able to find yourself the best Camp Oven that will suffice all your needs.

Soon, you’ll be serving up scrumptious stews and golden-crusted cobblers to amazed camping crews just like cooking at home. And thanks to your camp oven, wild destinations can feel a bit more like home every night at the campfire. 


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